Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Is There Money In Writing Shorts?

A while back, I can't remember the exact post, I commented that it is difficult to make a living from writing for magazines.
My wording was off. I meant to say that it is hard to make a living writing short fiction for magazines .
But it was too late and I was caught (I believe it was Fred), and was corrected: Many freelancers make very good living writing for magazines. Only too true.

Then, last week I noticed this article: Finding Profits In Shorts. Naturally, I was curious.
The article, by John K. Borchardt, mentions a different type of short - short articles of 100 - 800 words.
For those who write articles or wish to make a living doing that, this article explains how shorts can be a part of the writer's business plan and a supplemental source of income, not to mention a foot in the door of higher paying magazines.
The article even ends with a list of magazines accepting shorts.

Very interesting and enlightening.

So there you go - I can eat my hat now...

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Dave said...

I have started a perpetual writing contest that I believe may interest you. The website is called "Life for Change" and its goal is noble: to give money to people who need it.

Please read the following for details:

Melly said...

Thanks Dave.
I hope more people see your comment and if not, remind my in a few days and I'll post a reminder.

Benjamin Solah said...

I really want to make something of my own shorts this year, even if it isn't a lot of money. Shorts can help build a rep amongst and then when it comes to finding an agent or publisher, your publishing CV is sure to give you the upper hand.

Melly said...

That could be a good question for Miss Snark. Does publishing a few shorts help in landing an agent and a book deal?
What I'm certain is that the attitude of an agent towards a writer after reading that writer has some publishing credits is different. The ms. is read more seriously and not tossed aside, but ultimately it would depend on the quality of the ms.

It's a good idea regardless, Benjamin. Absolutely.

Benjamin Solah said...

I might ask Miss Snark that.

melly said...

Awesome! Can you let me know when you do, 'cause I can't follow everything she writes - it's so much.

rdl said...

Thanks for the info and links.

Benjamin Solah said...

I tried to send her a query, but her email address is out or something.

Melly said...

Welcome, rdl :)

Benjamin, you tried ?
It would make sense to me if her inbox was full :)