Thursday, September 01, 2005

Writing Update and a Game - Mazito

It comes with a warning this game. Maybe now you'll understand how I waste my time.
I mean, I just can't believe it. That stupid web game. Or rather, that real smart game. To my shame I had to admit defeat when I couldn't pass the 10th level. How can it be? Moi? Defeated by a game?

Well, try it before you mock me. It's most recommended, but it will take a few hours to complete. Heck, it will take a few hours even if you don't complete it.

What game? Why, Mazito of course, from SimpleCodeWorks.

Out there on the web there are detailed solutions for the lazy ones, if you must. I don't know where so I won't be tempted.

Writing Update:
I promised that yesterday would be different and I said I would update you at night. I'm happy to report I was too busy writing at night to update you. You can bet your sweet umm-umm I'm smiling here.
So here it goes: I've written about a thousand words in my novel (a bit low for me but a start out of the slump), and rewritten 1.5 short stories long overdue for a rewrite.

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leecarlon said...

I went on holiday (Hawai'i) earlier this year and struggled to get back into the swing of things. Sounds like it's starting to happen though, good luck. :)

ps, I see you've added the verification tool, I got hit up by spammers last week, if it happens again I might have to do the same thing.

Carter said...

AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Why did you do this to me? I breezed through the first 9 levels. Now I'll spend all night on the 10th! And all day tomorrow, and all day...

Melly said...

Thanks Lee. I've been away on and off since about June until pretty much last Sunday. Don't ask.
I guess it was much tougher on my writing than I had anticipated. But I can really feel it now coming back. I'm sooooo happy.

What I'm not very happy about is that verification tool. I had a few spammers last week but decided to wait until the next time I was attacked. Today I had 5 spammers. I deleted them of course, but it was too annoying. You know, I thought one of my posts was a hit with 5 comments only to find out they were ALL spam. So I added the tool.
Problem is, I sometimes can't figure out those letters. Do you think there's something wrong with me?

Melly said...

Carter, you should see the evil smile I have on my face now. I'm rubbing my hands too. That was my plan after all. Ha!

Well, if you do get past that 10th level don't tell me.
Naaah, of course you can tell me, but you better not brag about it.
Naaah, of course you could brag about it, you would have earned the right, but you better keep the solution to yourself.
I mean, unless I beg...
I'm going nutso already.

Carter said...

Hah! I solved Level 10! Level 11, though. Duh...

Melly said...

You didn't!
But how?
No, don't tell me.
A hint maybe?
No, no, no.

Carter said...

I suspect there are several different variations on some of the levels. On one of the calculations, I "cheated" by coprying and pasting it into Excel and discovered a hidden numeral. Depending on which answer you give, you go down a different path. Truly twisted. I love it!

On the Level 10 I got, there are two parts. Once you solve the puzzle on the screen, you have to find the answer to the question to move along.

Hope that helps. Or doesn't. Or something. Enjoy!

Melly said...


I just can't seem to crack it.
I keep leaving it for a while and then coming back to it, but it doesn't help.
I know that there's something very simple that I'm missing.

Don't tell me yet though.

Gina said...

well here you go...if you finish...

Melly said...

Gina, did you finish???
You're a genius!

Thanks for the link. I'm sure Carter will be happy to see it.