Thursday, September 01, 2005

Canada to Assist US

Me and all other Canadians have been waiting for this for three days now:

Canadian officials have started getting ready to send whatever type of aid the United States requires to help with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan said today.

"We want to reassure the president and the people of the United States that we are their best friends and their neighbour, and we will be there to help them in a situation that truly is without parallel in our country or theirs," said McLellan.
"We stand at the ready to assist," said McGuinty, who added Ontario could help with its Emergency Medical Assistance Team.

Relief efforts by Canadians in disaster zones are largely organized in Ottawa, but McGuinty said he wants to know from Ambassador David Wilkins what specifically Ontario can do.

I hope we get a chance to help.



Anonymous said...

Thank You Canadians!

Help is welcome and needed down here. Prayers are also needed.

The city is gone; my sister and her family no longer have a home. Like the multitudes of other victims, she's reeling from the shock that masks the harsher reality: home no longer exists and employment and near future paychecks have evaporated (for the time being).

My sister is one of the lucky ones; my family will be making sacrifices to lift her and her family back up.

There are many other people who are who luck and love forgot. Many who are in dire need of assistance and hope.

Thank You!

Melly said...

No thanks necessary anonymous.
I read your comment and feel my heart being crushed. I wish there was something more I could do, but other than donate blood and money at the moment, I assume the relief and rescue efforts have to coordinate everything first.
Thank goodness your sister is well. She is also lucky to have such a loving family.

elcapitanhink said...

You Canadians are the goods, I tell ya . ;)

Melly said...

Oh my, Josh. I'm blushing :)

Pat Kirby said...

Big ole thanks to Canada.

Like I said below, I'm not dwelling on the bad news. But N'Awlins is/was one of my favourite vacations spots. All the neat places we frequented: the Aquarium, St. Charles Avenue, Tulane (My Mom's alma mater)--all soggy or destroyed. It breaks my heart to hear of all the destruction.

Sigh. So far below sea level, poor New Orleans is gonna be soup for a while. Crap.

Melly said...

Oh everyone. I'm slightly embarrassed here. I didn't post this to receive any thanks. None is necessary. I was just waiting to see my gov'mt taking action, doing something other than tread water. It does that so well.
As far as I'm concerned the offer to help came 3 days later than I would have wanted, but at least it's there now.

Pat, I try not to dwell too but I simply can't escape it. It's everywhere. All the time. And I almost feel obligated to share in some of the misery they're going through. Maybe it's a wrong way of looking at it...

Carter said...

We have to thank somebody. So many others are being such a-holes about this. So thanks! In times like these, you really find out who your friends are.

Jean said...


My thanks to Canada and her wonderful people.

Melly said...

Carter, Jean, I don't know what to say.
And as a writer you'd think I would. But sometimes words cannot express what one feels, as much as one tries.