Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Writers Blog Alliance

What is the WBA?
While the founders are still working on a precise mission statement, suffice to say that the WBA's initial goal is to become a central blog for writers and readers, one that can compete for a place with the top blogs.

As we all know, links are the currency of blogs. Therefore, in order to achieve a high standing, many blogs would have to link to the WBA. These blogs are us, the members.

So by getting the WBA to rise in the standings, the WBA will take its members higher in the standings with it.
Meaning - imagine a Boing Boing that is composed by its own members - that is you and me! Now, imagine Boing Boing linking to your blog. That's what it would mean - better marketing and PR for you and your blog.

But That's Not ALL...
It's not just about the links. The WBA will act as a meeting place for writers, agents and editors, and it will have many other benefits for both readers and writers.
One of the already existing features is a collaborative blog, because we know it's all about the content. Other features will include a directory, forums and a magazine. There is also talk about having sections about publishers, agents, self-publishing and more.
Everything writers and readers need.
With more members and higher standings, the more beneficial the WBA will be for its members.

To learn more about the WBA, visit Gone Away, one of the founders' blogs, where he put together an All About WBA post.
Other members of note:
Deborah Woehr - Webmaster
Joshua Estell - Webmaster

Improving the WBA
Deborah and Josh requested feedback and ideas for site improvement.



Carter said...

Thanks for posting this, Melly. It's a definite plus for the whole community of writers.

Melly said...

Carter, I see you joined!
That's great :)

elcapitanhink said...

Webmaster? Me? Nawww.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. :)

Eric Mutta said...

Another site to register on, another password to remember, and another day goes by :-) [runs off to check out the WBA].

Melly said...

Josh, you're not the webmaster?
But it says so right there!

You're also the designer and programmer of the new site, aren't you? I should have mentioned it.

Melly said...

Eric, I see you joined. That's great.

Shirazi said...

Let me in. I am already linking.

Melly said...

Hi Shirazi,
Here's ther register page
register now

Cavan said...

This reminds me, I should probably post something about the WBA, too, when I unpause BE again. That'll recruit a few more for Deb and Clive, hopefully.

lee pletzers said...

Nicely said, Melly

Melly said...

That'd be good, Cavan. With the traffic you're getting from BE, that'd be good.

Why, thanks, Lee.

elcapitanhink said...

Yeah melly, they keep me in the basement and toss me the occasional Triscuit™.

Actually deb gave me admin priviledges just so I could poke around, but I am sure to be involved when the new site comes up. Sorta like the ship's engineer, or a chiseling mechanic. :)

Boy, the blogger captcha is 7+ letters now? sheesh. Next thing they'll ask you to recite a poim while standing tippytoes.

Melly said...

Okay Scotty.

And those word veri... man!
I either get them wrong, or write them in the wrong field, or forget about them altogether.
It's f'ing annoying, but I had spam before, and that was even more annoying, although I used to talk to it from time to time...
I've said enough, I think.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, a wonderful idea. Best of luck to you all :o)

Melly said...

Thanks easywriter.
Whenever you're ready...

John said...

Nicely put, Melly. I'm sure a lot of folk are signing up right now :-)

Melly said...

Hi John, thanks for visiting.
Quite the honour, I must say.

I know that Carter and Eric joined, and I think Jennifer came through here also.
I have high hopes for shirazi and easywriter as well.

ME Strauss said...

Great post Melly,

It gets the point across clearly and concisely with passion and charm.

Melly said...

Why, thank you Liz :)