Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where is my blogroll?

So this is what I've tried so far:
- I moved the blogroll around different places in my blog
- I took it off, then put it back on
- When I log in to blogrolling.com, I can see all my links
- I emailed blogrolling
Nothing helps. My blogroll is still missing. Day 3 (or 4) and counting.
If it doesn't appear by the end of the week, I'd have to use a manual link list, which isn't as easy as pressing a button on my browser whenever I encounter an interesting blog.

Suggestions anybody?

Seems this was only a precursor. I now can't see others blogrolls either. Only static links.



Carter said...

It's there. Looks fine right now. Maybe a setting in your browser? JavaScript turned off, maybe? I dunno. Weird.

Anonymous said...

melly, Carter may be able to see it but I don't. Browser i.e. 6.

May Carter is on a different browser. And now you know why I'm slow at changing the template I have, although I have heard that it doesn't present my side bar properly.

Good Luck he! he!

Melly said...

Thank you both.
Only now I'm even more confused. I have i.e.6 as well.

Pat Kirby said...

I run hate, hate, hate, hate, xE100, Internet Explorer. I'd ditch it all together, but need it to view a couple of fave web comics.

Anyway, I'm running Firefox 1.0.4 and I'm seeing your blogroll.

As a test I fired up IE (6.0.2800.1106). No blogroll.

I know my blog goes all wonky in IE, if one of my postings (text) extends beyond the bounds of the posting area. This happened a week ago when I put a picture of Rat Dog in a table with another cell for text. I over-sized the text cell and POW, bad stuff happening in IE.

Also, do you remember when it started misbehaving? Did you add anything different to your sidebar? Or post pictures or links differently in your postings. Might try temporarily deleting things and seeing what happens. (Hint: Publishing as "draft" saves the posting but takes it out of public viewing.)


Melly said...

Pat, I was about to say that you're a genius.
I followed your recommendation but it never re-appeared.

It was a good idea though.
Double drat!

Yzabel said...

Ah, so that's why I didn't understand why you kept writing about the vanished Blogroll... since I could still see it perfectly well!

Firefox 1.0.6: Blogroll okay
Netscape 7.0: Okay
Opera 8.5: Okay
I.E. 6: O Blogroll, where art thou?

(And yes, I know I have a crapload of browsers installed, but it's for testing purposes, really. I mainly use Firefox or Opera, depending on my moods ;))

Melly said...

Wow, yzabel, thanks.
So it isn't some setting in my i.e. browser if it doesn't show on other machines either.
I'm stumped.

I might just have to work on that new template now.

Carter said...

Yep. Firefox 1.06 at home. Blogroll fine.

IE 6.x on XP sp2 at work. No Blogroll. Go Microsoft!

Melly said...

I've totally given up Carter. It's almost what I did all day instead of writing, posting something meaningful, or anything else productive.

I think I'll just wait till I change the template and try to figure it out then.

Quite frustrating, I must say.

Erin said...

Either I'm special, or it's fixed, because I use IE6 and I can see it :)

Melly said...

Erin, yesterday I've had it with Blogroll. The links you see are hardcoded, not the blogroll from the site.
Blogrolling never answered my three emails, so...
Josh might help me figure this out and he's some programmer so I still have high hopes.

Deborah said...

I'm glad I'm not alone with my Blogroll acting funny. Mine disappeared on me twice. The script was still there in its original format, but no Blogroll. It returned after a couple of hours. Did they ever respond to your emails?

Melly said...

Alas, Deborah, they never responded.
I had my blogroll dissapearing before for a couple of hours, but this time it was for days.
I now have all my links hardcoded.
I'll try it again in a couple of days and see what happens.
I think tomorrow, the first order of buisness is to download Firefox.