Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hail Caesar

I was watching Rome the other day, you know, that new HBO series. Oh, well, maybe you don't know.
In any event, Rome. It's exactly about that, the senate, Caesar, Mark Anthony...

As soon as they mentioned Caesar on the show, I was in somewhere else. Ummmm, Caesar.
It wasn't before long that I was gingerly sipping on a bloody Caesar.

That was a few nights ago. Tonight, again, I saw the Clamato in the fridge, and immediately had the same thought - that is, ummmm, Caesar.

I'm sipping another Bloody Caesar now and posting so I couldn't resist telling you about my Caesar. And then it dawned on me. Brits know what a Bloody Caesar is, but do Americans? I believe not. I have tried to order Caesars in the States, but it was forever in vane - they didn't know what it was.

So, for my American friends:
A Bloody Caesar is like a Bloody Mary, only with Clamato juice instead of tomato juice.
This is how I make it:
In a glass full of ice cubes, pour some vodka, say 1oz.
Then add a bit of salt and pepper, a few lemon or lime drops, some Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to taste.
Add the clamato and stir.
If you can put a celery stick in the glass, do it.
For the sticklers out there, there's a salt mix for the glass brim, but I don't go that far.

This was posted in a semi state of soberness.

By the way, do Australians know about Caesars?


TotalChaos said...

I'm not Australian, but when I go on a two week trip with a friend of mine in his coach, I have Ceasers, for four days, then I can't handle the juice anymore so swich to Diet Pepsi. This is the only time I drink Alcohol.

Jennifer said...

That sounds totally unappealing to me :) Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't like Bloody Marys...possibly? :)

Ahhh, but thanks for the description! I can now say that I know what a Bloody Caesar is.

Melly said...

So... an American, are you?
There goes my whole theory of Americans not knowing about Caesars out the window.

Now let's see if I can get those pesky word verification letters in my first try!

Melly said...

Jennifer, bless your heart.
You just proved me right (about Americans no knowing about caesars and all that), and I so love being right.

TotalChaos said...

The Blog Rolls do show up in IE6 but, at the bottom of the page. I don't know why, so I always use Firefox for my blogs and Sites that I send my Renderings to.

Eric Mutta said...

Vodka and Tabasco sauce? In the same glass? [seeing stars].

ME Strauss said...

Melly you can count me too as an American who not only doesn't know about Bloody Caesars, but my faither owned a saloon.

Doesn't sound like I'd like one either. I think I'm like Jennifer on this one.

Melly said...

Thanks DaddyJarBucks. Alas, my blogroll shows up nowhere on the page. I'm starting to feel the pressure and will soon download FireFox prolly.

Melly said...

Eric - I know, we can just stick with these two ingredients.

And Liz - hurray - I was so right :)
Well, maybe next time I'll have a different drink here for you and Jennifer, a fruity martini perhaps?

Erin said...

I'm American and knew what a Bloody Ceasar was, but then, I've worked for Greek restaurant owners for 15 years.

Melly said...

Erin, 15 years in Greek restaurants???
I live right near Greek Town here in TO, and I just love it. The food, the people.

So now I'm 2 Americans who know and 2 that don't. Well, 50/50 ain't that bad :)

rdl said...

Ex bartender here, you've made me want one. also used to use the clamato juice instead of tomato juice sometimes in a red eye: beer with a shot of it in it. I like your blog, will be back to read more.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Oh my...I've done the inebriated blog-posting thing MANY times, but what is even WORSE is getting sauced or otherwise woozy and deciding to email all of your friends as well as someone that you have a crush on who has no real clue about it. Hmm, speaking from experience here. PAINFUL experience...heh :-)

Keep bloggin', you're doing a great job!

Melly said...

Thanks rdl.
An ex-bartender is always welcome ;)
And thanks for the red eye. Never heard of it.
I have beer, I have Clamato. I'll try tomorrow.

Melly said...

"I've done the inebriated blog-posting thing MANY times" - now for sure I'm coming over to check your blog out ;)

Thank you, ariadnek.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

:-) No problem...and actually, you'd be surprised the numberof people who DO nd up ranting online when they are a little bit, uh, trashed. lol

Melly said...

Oh, good, you put me at ease. Thanks :)