Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Never Post Drunk, Homework and Lee's Story

Never Post Drunk
Last night I decided to post after having a couple. The result - the mess you see/saw in the previous post.
No doubt most of you were so entranced, moved and taken by the post that you couldn't take your eyes off it. Yes, I can delete it, but I choose to leave it there as a reminder.
Lesson learnt: Never Post Drunk or Semi-Drunk or even Somewhat Woozy
I should have known better...

Skin Deep by Lee Carlon
Skin Deep written by Lee Carlon is my kind of sci-fi flash. In less than 500 words Lee manages to tell a whole science-fiction story that covers a new technology, relationships and ends in a twist -- a funny one no less. Lee's use of dialogue helps bring forth the issues fast and to set the reader in the story. Conversely, the last part is devoid of dialogue for reasons you'll understand when you read the story. This contrast by itself is a clever technique.
Skin Deep is just fun all around and is also nominated for the AntipodeanSF Award. Go vote.

Now the homework.
We've been receiving so much homework lately, I don't know where to begin.
I'll start with 90 Great Comments Contest from the Glittering Muse
    I have two:

  • First from josh who said in my post about How does the singularity affect writers?:

      I have a friend who is a physicist. We have discussions.

      Him: "If you think 4 dimensions is hard, try eleven."

      Me: "Ahh, but what is a dimension, outside of something we as humans have invented as a benchmark of perception?"

      Him: "Now you're just being difficult."

      Me: "Ahh, but what is difficulty?"

      Him: "Get out of my house, you metaphysical titwomp."

  • The other best comment comes from carterCarter in response to my post about Creativity and Insanity:

      I'm not crazy!

      Yes, I am!

      No, I'm not!

      Yes, I am!

      Shut up!

      You shut up!

      *sigh* I could probably get more done if all the other voices would just shut up.

      You shut up!


  • There's another funny comment from Cavan, but I think it would be too obscure for those unfamiliar with Napoleon Dynamite.

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Jennifer said...

LOL I loved the 'shut up' post! That brought a laugh to my lips the first time and suceeded again.

Melly said...

I know, compared to these guys, my comments are soooo boring.

Jennifer said...

I hear you! I feel the same way!

Cavan said...

Me: I spent like three hours coming up with the exact wording. It's pretty much the best comment I've ever done.

You: Umm...yeah, it's really...neat.

Melly said...

Ahh Jennifer, my kindred spirit :)

And Cavan, not true! I protest!
I nearly pissed my pants (sorry for the graphics) at your comment, but no one else seemed to know what the hell we were talking about.
Besides, seems Garnet chose Josh's comment anyways. It's out of my hands. GOSH!

Cavan said...

No worries.

Just desperately trying to sqeeze in one more quote, is all. I should learn to stop while I'm ahead. :)

Melly said...

I get it now, I get it now. Sorry to be so thick before.

(The shading above her lip, I know :)

elcapitanhink said...

Who chose what now? Was it an Uncle Rico reference? Everyone knows that UR was the best chartacter in that film.

Melly said...

Yey, Josh, you too :)

Now. I have heard arguments about UR being the best character, and I've heard arguments about Pedro being the best.
However, my favourite is the "cool" guy, I forget his name now. Summer's bo. His perplexity at everything that Napoleon does and the way he squirms and feels uncomfortable around Napoleon is so... real. You just gotta love him.

Lee Carlon said...

Thanks for mentioning Skin Deep, melly. I'm really pleased you liked it.

Anonymous said...

GOSH! Lee's story was great wasn't it? I voted. And sometimes posting after a few can produce some interesting results. Yep! It can.

Melly said...

Lee, my pleasure and thanks for the read.

Easywriter, yup, posting after a few sure can produce interesting result, some of them though best kept to ourselves ;)