Monday, May 30, 2005

Time Off

I know, I know, I haven't been at this long and I've already taken the weekend off.

The problem was that I was spending too much time blogging and reading other people's blogs and not enough time writing.

My own little horror story have suffered greatly from this as my protagonist have been roaming the corridors the for a week now without getting killed. And she is going to.

I should take my own advice and schedule my time better, stand by that scheduling and get myself going.


Anonymous said...

Blogging and reading other Blogs is addictive. This happens to me too. Too much of one leads to not enough of the other...But there are some wonderful Blogs out there isn't there?

Melly said...

This seems to be a common problem I've noticed lately in a few of the blogs I've visited and a few have taken more than just a weekend off.
I guess that balance is a key to eveything in life.
And I agree - some wonderful blogs out there.