Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Markets - Today's Market - Non Fiction Short Stories

From now on, I will create a list of markets and will add at least one a day.

The markets will range across All Kinds of Writing - magazines, short story markets, newspapers, book publishers, competitions etc.

Today's market - Chicken Soup for the Soul
I mean, who hasn't heard of these inspiring stories? A best seller anthology that pays $300 for your non-fiction stories. Worth your while to give it a shot.


ME Strauss said...

You found a real service and a way to differentiate your blog from all others. You have the heart of a marketer as well as a writer.

Good idea!

Melly said...

Thanks Liz, only I've been a bit lazy/busy lately... as I'm about to be again. Going to sleep (that's the lazy part). Long day (that's the busy part).