Friday, May 13, 2005

A Little Bit on Short Fiction

Short stories are fantastic. I love them.

Being a published short story writer, it never seizes to amaze me the magnitude and latitude of ideas that can be conveyed in short stories.

I have just finished a little story about a little crisis in the life of a little man. He cheats on his wife. That's his solution. I won't tell you the end, but I will tell you that the story brings out questions of age, mid-life crisis, love and fidelity into the spot-light. I don't know if the story answers any of these questions, but it sure makes the reader think.

Now I've started (almost finished) another short. This time a horror story. I think. Maybe the protagonist is merely crazy, but that happens often in horror. The lines between what happens in our minds and what happens in real life blur to such a degree that it's hard to tell the difference anymore.

Shorts are cool, cause they are just that - short, and yet, portray so much.

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