Saturday, May 14, 2005

Intellectual Property

An interesting post by Cory Doctorow about ebook piracy grabbed my attention.

For the longest time all I could hear about intellectual property was how to find ways to protect it. Conversely, John Scalzi landed a book deal after posting his novel on his site.
John Scalzi wrote the original post and it seems that he and Cory Doctorow both don't feel the same as what we've been hearing so far about intellectual property.
They see intellectual property as something that would be protected anyways by those who can and want. And those who can't or don't want to protect it - won't. Meaning, if someone wants to steal something, they'll find a way, but most people who can afford to buy books and music will always do so.

The very interesting comments from the original post are worth reading.


Lee Carlon said...

Hi Melly, they make a lot sense, no point worrying about somebody who would never pay for anything anyway. Just hope they do some word of mouth promotion for you.

Melly said...

Oh good, I'm glad you saw it. I thought you'd be interested in that.

I guess they would be right as long as a "paper" market still exists. I just wonder what would happen the moment it doesn't?