Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Editors demistified

For those writers out there submitting stories, those interested in submitting and just for general knowledge, I found this: 5 Lies Writers Believe About Editors from Jeremiah Tolbert, an editor at Escape Pod:

LIE #1: Editors give every story fair consideration. OR: Editors reject stories without reading them at all.

LIE #2: Editors never reject a good story.

LIE #3: Editors don’t foster new writers like they did in the old days, and don’t care about new talent.

LIE #4: Editors are people too.

LIE #5: Editors (and critics) are failed writers.

Via Futurismic


JDS said...

Great find! His article was quite interesting. I think his list applies to those in journalism as well. All of the editors I've met seem to fit his description.

Melly said...

oh, totally!
even blogging too now that bloggers and blogging is becoming more mainstream.

Crash said...

I would not like the job of an editor, put it that way. I mean, some poor editor out there has to take the responsibility for unleashing Twilight upon the world. Thats some burden to live with.

Seriously yes, it must be hard. On the other hand I really wish I would get more rejection slips. Twice I've e-mailed stuff to magazines (yeah, not many times i know) twice I've been left in the dark. Its to be expected but still a tiny gripe.