Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Be Ryan Oakley - Ghostwrite for The Grumpy Owl


I started my come back well enough, at least in terms of how often I posted. I still didn't find my groove as far as post topics were concerned, but I was willing to give it time. I actually even had a few things (that I thought were interesting) brewing.

And then, the markets tanked and I got real busy at work. Since the days were so full, it was hard to do anything in the evening, and I just needed to clear my head -- usually that entailed mostly reading with a bit of TV. I just couldn't look at the computer past a certain hour, except maybe to play Mahjong or Chess.

But today, a good friend quit being himself. I have often mentioned Ryan Oakley and his blog The Grumpy Owl here. Ryan is a good friend and a fellow writer. And Ryan wants to hire you as a ghostwriter.

The idea behind it has many aspects:
  • You get to be Ryan Oakley. You get to make him say things.
    In return, Ryan gets the benefit of different point of views, the benefit of diversification. No longer a white, catholic male, but perhaps a woman, an Asian, a Muslim, Ryan can be anything, anywhere.
  • You get to say things you never dreamed you would actually express -- anonymously.
    Ryan, just like a politician reading a prepared speech, will assume the words -- your words -- and never reveal who wrote them.
  • Unless you choose incomprehensible bigotry, you will not be edited.
    Ryan Oakley gives his word as a gentleman that your name will never be revealed and that all posts will go under his name as if he wrote them. Complete confidentiality.
  • No rules, no guidelines. Write whatever you want. Anything you ever wanted to say but were too embarrassed to even admit to yourself you had such thoughts!
    You are Ryan Oakley and he takes responsibility for your own words, as offensive as they may be.
    Use Ryan Oakley and the platform he gives you to voice some things you never dared!
And of course, being me, I have to add my little nasty twist to it. What you ghostwrite as Ryan doesn't necessarily have to be offensive. Declare your secret love for Barbies or your crush on Lindsay Lohan and let's see how he deals with that!

For more info and how to contact Ryan, go here.

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Nienke Hinton said...

You should do it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nienke you would have fun with this I think. :op

angelina said...

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Scot said...


I'm just beginning my comeback, but I'm glad to see you're still at it. I love the concept you've shared in this post, and I think I might take a walk around to block to find a few words Ryan Oakley to say.

I tried gearing up a few months back but I had a real problem with Blogger and their "beta" switch over. I could sign in but couldn't access the dashboard. I finally gave up and changed to a new URL.

Hope to be coming by more frequently.


rdl said...

ok Ryan, we want Melly back!!
Melly was this just a tease - your comin back????
no pressure or anything tho. - just miss you/that's all.

Nienke Hinton said...

I think Melly has secretly been ghostwriting...

nerinossa said...

Anything you ever wanted to say but were too embarrassed to even admit to yourself you had such thoughts!You are Ryan Oakley and he takes responsibility for your own words, as offensive as they may be

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Katherine said...

Fascinating! I love the way you describe it. :)

I write novels, plays, and some poetry - my blog on here is a poetry blog, so feel free to visit! I always love meeting others interested in the literary arts. :)