Saturday, December 22, 2007

You Are a Genius!

Really, I'm not kidding. If you are reading this blog -- and obviously you are -- then you are a genius!

Don't believe me? No need. A very respectable test -- found over at Georganna's blog -- proves this:

The Blog Readability Test - What level of education is required to understand All Kinds of Writing?

And you can see, as promised, you couldn't read this blog if you weren't a genius. Voila:

Just curious though. If you are a genius, what does that make me? Uber genius?

Gotta love all these tests!

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geo said...

The first time I tried it, the widget reported that I wrote for rocks, as in "dumb as a sack of rocks". Somehow, I don't trust the validity of this evaluation. I don't trust the reliability, either, but it was fun and hey, that's what counts on Silly Saturday!

melly said...

Oh, Geo, these tests are not to be taken seriously. They're just silly and fun.
Of course, in this case, the test is completely right!

Trée said...

I read your blog. I like this evaluation. Very much. :-D

Happy Holidays Melly. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay I'm smart! LOL

rdl said...

Something else we both have in common - we're both Genius' - who knew. :D

Melly said...

Hey Trée, easywriter, rdl :)
So nice to see familiar faces here :):)
(I really should stop with that smiley or I'd lower my blog level - heh).

Aren't these tests just the best of fun???

Deborah Woehr said...

Mine scored at the junior high level.

Melly said...

I'd like to know the criteria they use. It's pretty funny. It's probably just a random thing...