Monday, December 17, 2007

Procrastination? No, not again

I don't know a writer's blog that hasn't, at some point, tackled the subject of procrastination. Surely many other people have too.

Sunday, with the storm, was a perfect example. I knew I was going to have the whole day at home doing nothing - hubby said he'd cook, so I had planned to do some dreaded laundry, some filing, unpack the second suitcase and start a (secret) new blog. Why did I have to plan any of these? Cause these were chores in my eyes. Guess what? None got done.

Instead, I jovially went out and shoveled our whole front, including the entrance to the basement (which we never use), I shoveled the sidewalk and the neighbour's sidewalk for good measure. I constantly washed the dishes and cleaned after the vigorously cooking hubby. I surfed, I read, I wrote, I even blogged for the first time in two months. All to avoid my chores. I was procrastinating glamorously.

Procrastinating (surfing) brought me to this article in NewScientist, Procrastination: The thief of time. At last, some scientific truth to shed light on this problem, I thought. Understanding leads to solution, no? I was already half way there in solving my problem. Alas, I couldn't read the article because it's behind a subscription wall, but I could read its beginning. Who do you think the article uses as an example??? Douglas Adams. That's right, a writer. We're doomed, I tell ya. It's probably in our genes!

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rdl said...

Wow, great minds think alike.I did the same thing to avoid my chores - other chores: shoveling, cleaning any mindless tasks to keep the hard stuff at bay.

Melly said...

Hehe, I saw that pile of bills and paperwork you were trying to avoid.
Yes, that's a nasty trick!