Saturday, October 07, 2006

One of my turns coming on

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I feel,

Anyone not living in a place where they literally dread the winter, will probably not relate to this post, although it's not just about the weather. Or maybe it is.

Cold as a razor blade,

The weather is turning here. The degrees are plummeting.
This Thanksgiving long weekend, though, is supposed to be nice, and we're planning a trip up north to see the leaves turning, the autumn, fall colours. That's about the only nice thing that is happening now.

Tight as a tourniquet,

I've been working hard lately and I've been really tired too. This could be a lingering effect from the war, but it could also just be normal. I do feel as if I have less time though.
Hubby and I have been doing what most people in this weather do around this time of year, prepare the house for winter - isolation, I mean, insulation, furnace, windows, evestroughs etc... everything we need to do before turning in for winter hibernation. I dread the winter.

Dry as a funeral drum.

The first thing I notice, this time of year, is that my hair turns flat. The jump and curliness are gone. This weather sucks me dry. I hope the dryness remains on the surface; I hope it doesn't reach my brain. I hope I don't find myself in a month planted in front of the TV until summer returns.

So you better believe it. I sure know it.

One of my turns coming on

I don't know what kind it would be. I hope it's the creative kind, not the depressive kind. I hope it's an active kind, not a "blah" kind. Maybe NaNo will turn me around from whatever winter mood I know I'll be in, help me through the first month of winter and make it all more bearable. I hope.

[[I also hope I don't get sued by Pink Floyd for this... More importantly, actually, I hope I didn't offend any Pink Floyd fans, I can understand if you're mad, I might have been too if I was reading, not writing this.]]


rdl said...

I hear you and I'm with you! Winter-bah humbug! We need a blogger convention somewhere warm.

creativewriter1985 said...

I hate winter too, I just can't stand being cold, it makes getting up in the morning sooo difficult!!

Deborah said...

It's been years since I've experienced the winters you described, but I remember them. The snow is beautiful, but it sucks up oxygen like there's no tomorrow.

I hope you have a very productive NaNo. :)

Ballpoint Wren said...

I'm with you and creativewriter1985. I hate the cold!

If I wasn't born in So Cal, I think I'd run away to live here. We think it's cold when it gets into the low 60s!

Anonymous said...

You know, I just would like to comment I've noticed a nice quality to your writing that I consider non-gender specific. I don't mwan that as anything weird, honestly. It makes your writing particularly strong, cohesive.

jlb said...

Well, as a fan of Pink Floyd, I'd have to say your use of "One of My Turns" is a unique one, if not a first choice. ;) (Unfortunately, now I'm looking for my favorite axe, and probably will be singing this in my head all day long! :) )

I love the introversion of winter, and the quiet that it brings - internal and external. Autumn comes and I get all aflutter with the home preparations, as you mentioned, but also with the mental preparations - in many ways, autumn and winter can be among my most vibrant and creative times of year. And they are certainly my favorite seasons. :) I love the cold.

I do hope that you have a good winter, or at least a good turn.

Trée said...

Melly, I grew up in south Louisiana and feel the same way about summer as you do winter. I feel your anticipation.

Kathleen Bolton said...

Those of us who live in the Northeast are feeling incredibly lucky this weekend...warm air, trees going up in flames, pumpkins scattered in the patches. I love fall.

Patry Francis said...

I love winter BECAUSE it's cold and isolating. Such a great time to hole up with my imaginary friends and write, write, write...I'm predicting lots of inspiration for you this year.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

As day turns to darkness, perhaps you can find some solace in the stars and how brightly they can shine on an empty winter night.

Ryan Oakley said...

You're weak.

I just camped up North for the last 5 days. Heard the wolves, caught some fish.

Cold is nice.

fred charles said...

Ugh. I hate winter too. But I liked your use of Pink Floyd!

Julia Buckley said...

We had a really hot summer here in London by August I was actually starting to look forward to cosying up this winter. Now it's getting properly cold though and I'm wondering what on earth I was thinking of!

Nice photo.

Melly said...

rdl, what a fabulous idea! I vote for... Miami?

creativewriter1985, oh, especially when you wake up early. Like me!

Deborah, I used to think snow is pretty, now I just dread it. Will you be doing Nano?

Ballpoint Wren, to that I can only say - lucky! Maybe we can have the convention in So Cal :)

My goodness, sdruthla, this is one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about my writing. Thanks!

jlb, I guess I was in a bit of a fiery mood when I thought this one up... No, put that axe down :)
I know people like you, who like the cold. That's really good for you. I hope we'll all have a good winter!

Trée, hon, I know you and everybody will keep me warm, at least on the inside :)

Kathleen, we had a nice weekend too. Alas, I feel it was probably the last one. Fall can have good qualities to it.

Thanks Patry. Thanksgiving was great mainly because the weather turned out nice. I do hope you're right about the writing, though :)

Jason, that was probably the most poetic, lyrical comment anyone has ever left here :) I'm not a night person, but I'll try to look at it with your eyes.

Ryan, I am weak! And I whine too!
Glad to hear you had a good camping trip.

Phew, Fred, what a relief, I was afraid you'd hate it :)

Julia, I know, everybody here complains in the summer, forgetting how awful winter actually is.
Thanks, I didn't take the pic, but another Torontonian did.

Deborah said...

No, I won't be participating in NaNo this year. I've got too many things going on.

Melly said...

You're such a busy gal, Deborah :)

Deborah said...

I know. I'm dying to finish Prosperity this year. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. :)

Good luck with your NaNo project. I hope you have a blast with it!