Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Apologies and contests

I'm having a really difficult time getting back into the groove.
It's not like I'm not doing anything. I've lowered the new links in my bloglines feed from over 7,000 to ~2,500. I've trimmed the vine and hacked a path in the backyard. I've cooked!

And yet, ze blog suffers. There are a few reasons. One - I don't write. Still. Two - what used to be my anonymous personal space where I could rant about my writing woes is no longer that. Three - up until two days ago I just kept sleeping. Four - I'm a bit apathetic to stuff in general.

And yet, in my few excursions around the blogosphere (I'm trying to get to everyone as far as I can), I already found out about three fun contests: So this is it for now. Hope to get back in the saddle soon.

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Nienke said...

Thx for the plug Melly! Take care of yourself.

Trée said...

No worries Melly. Take you time.

Trée said...

Take your time. Not even spell check would have saved me there. I just don't think editing is in my future. :-)

rdl said...

{{{Melly}}} take all the time you want - you deserve it and Thanks for the links!!

s21melly said...

Nienke, no prob. And yeah, am trying :)

Trée, you take you time! ;)
[It's okay, we all know when an 'r' simply escapes us.]
Thanks hon.

rdl, you're most welcome and thanks deary :)

fred charles said...

You will get back into the groove soon enough. You just need to unwind.

michaelm said...

Patience, Mel.
The sun eventually shines.
You've been through hell in a handbasket.
Give yourself some credit.
Nice to see you back and visiting.


Edie said...

Buffer time is essential. Focus on the garden path.

Thank you for visiting.


Therese Walsh said...

It's great to have you back, Melly. Be kind to yourself; you've been through so much. I'm sure your mind is still trying to reconcile Life and Art. It just so happens that I had to write an essay yesterday about this very topic. My hometown was recently devastated by flood--so many people lost their homes, and the art community is rallying behind everyone. This is what I wrote, for what it's worth:

Life is not always kind to us individually, or to our families, our towns, our country or our world. But it's important not to let cheerlessness grow within us uncountered, because it can choke out hope. Art is a great remedy for this kind of bewildered, lost feeling, because when we're in the midst of art we're reminded that life has purpose and that purpose is often joyful. It doesn't matter if you're creating art or admiring someone else's, or whether the art itself appears in a deft brushstroke or a poignant melody or an apt phrase or a lingering touch between two dancers. What matters is art's ability to take us outside of our own experience for a while to remind us that there is meaning beyond despair. Art is able to do this like nothing else because it stems from passion, and passion is--at least for me--nearly the very opposite of hopelessness.

Okay, I hope that wasn't self-indulgent and way too long to post here. I just thought maybe you would identify with those words.

And thanks for the Writer Unboxed hat tip! We're anxious to give away that AlphaSmart.

All best,

Melly said...

Thanks Fred, I'm sure you're right.

Michael, thanks for encouraging. Don't worry though, I'm not depressed or anything, just lacking drive I guess...

Edie, gardens are good indeed. I'll do that :)

Therese, thanks so much for posting this. No, not too self-indulgent or long by any means. I've been thinking a lot about that lately too and your words echoed many truths.
I hope your hometown's recovery is fast. Keep us posted.

Kathleen Bolton said...

Melly, god, I'd be checking into Bellevue if I'd just gone through what you did. That you're functioning at all is a total credit to your guts. Take good care of yourself.

Melly said...

Kathleen, thanks a bunch! :)