Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogger Hacks and other blogging issues

Blogger Hacks
Lately, a few people asked me about different features on my blog.
So here are a good sources for Blogger hacks:
1) Blogger Help Page - this help page, unlike most others, actually helps. From Basic to Advanced. The advanced also contains the Blogger Hacks page with add-ons and what not.
2) Freshblog has a great Blogger Hacks Series.
3) Beginners should really consider an HTML tutorial first. Here's another one.
I don't mind the emails at all, by the way, always happy to help, just thought I'd centralize the information for others who may be curious too.

Logging in to comment
I'm really sorry and I have many friends who do it, but I'm going to say it anyway. Having to log-in just so I could comment on someone's blog isn't conducive to my willingness to comment. Sorry sorry sorry. It's just that many times I wanted to leave a comment and was lazy to sign in. I know, I'm lazy, sorry again. And of course it depends much on your blogging philosophy too etc.

Link exchanges
I don't mind in the least when people email me or leave a comment, asking for a link exchange. It's when someone demands that I link to them first (and then tell them that I did) that I get annoyed. This is not the best way to approach the matter in my opinion.
When someone who has a mortgage blog asks All Kinds of Writing for a link exchange, I also find it odd.



Flood said...

Thanks for your help earlier this week, with the blogger pages.

Melly said...

No problem. It wasn't just you. It was a... flood ;)

Crazy Dan said...

What I really hate is that damn word verification. I wish I did not have to put up that stupid comment verification but the spam we get is freaking riduculous.

redchurch said...

I had to enable logging in on my blog because I was getting spam comments without it. I don't want to aggressively police my comments, or have spam detract from my blog... but

I realize it's a tradeoff there. That said, I also don't like anonymous comments just because people are too lazy to put their name. I like to know who is speaking, as I feel do most readers.

So I am perhaps sacrificing quantity (I know more people would comment on my comment-sparse blog) for quality (I like to know who is speaking and not deal with fakers, anons, or spam).

But it's your blog Mel, so... do whatcha want. :)

Deborah said...

I've had several link requests from sites that were totally unrelated. The thing that ticks me off the most is finding a bunch of pron sites deep-linking to my blogs.

As for the logging in before commenting requirement, I generally don't bother unless the topic is very interesting. Then, I'd like the blogger show me some courtesy by responding.

Carter said...

I'm right with redchurch on logging in to comment and with crazy dan on word verification. They're just necessary aggravations we have to put up with to keep inconsiderate people (and others) from ruining our experience with blogging.

From my perspective, logging before leaving a comment has a good upside. If I don't want to spend the edffort to log in, then I have to consider whether what I have to say is worth saying at all. Second thoughts are often good to have.

Nienke said...

First of all, thx for the links to blogger stuff. I know what I will be doing today.
Next, I totally agree with you about logging in to comment. In fact, I just had the experience before I surfed over here. As for considering whether what I say is worth saying, sometimes I just want to say hello or thank the person for the post. Not important, but I think most bloggers enjoy getting comments. Those who don't, well, turn on the log in.
There are even some blogs that I have to join to comment, and I just don't have the time or the inclination to 'join' blogs. There are enough out there that interest me that I don't have to join.
I've been lucky as to people wanting to be on my blogroll or exchanging links. I try hard to keep my blogroll related to writing in some way, and I've not had anyone out of the blue request to be on it.

Melly said...

Crazy Dan, that drives me nuts too. I guess we have to chooes the least of all evils?

Eric, I hear you and like I said, it's a personal attitude towards blogging. I'm with the school that tries to facilitate comments as much as possible.
But you know I log-in to comment on your blog :)

Deborah, arghhhh, I hate those. Lcukily, I can find them easy enough.
And I totally know what you mean about them reacting to me after I've had to log-in.

Carter, even though my attitude is different, I can defintely see your point. Don't I log-in to your blog? :)

Nienke, yes, exactly what I meant.
I almost never join blogs unless they've been my bloggy friends for quite some time or they're on the A-list (or closer :).

michaelm said...

I am so with Crazy Dan.
The word verification mught be easier had I done better in Latin class.
The series of letters seem to get more complicated by the day.
As far as links go, I've had a few strange requests as well.
A mortgage link here? I'd say, "not in this lifetime", unless of course they wanted to give me a 30 year fixed with 0% interest...
I've been very happy at Wordpress and don't see myself ever going back to Blogger. My opinion though.
I used to waste so much time hacking my template it left little time to write and visit my favorite blogs. Like this one...;)
I'd recommend the Biz Stone book, "Who let the blogs out?" for anyone starting up a blog. It helped me immensely.


Adam_Lanman said...

I have posted some short stories on my blog. The problem with them is that they refuse to wrap to the margins of the window, making them appear as ugly blocks. Do you know any way to correct this?

Caryn said...

Excellent tips! Not worth switching back to Blogger for, but I would have found them helpful at the time. And I agree on the link exchange thing. I'm long past adding links just because that person reads my site. I'm picky now. Get over it. :-)

Lee said...

The second of the HTML tutorials is excellent - clear, easy to navigate. Thanks!

redchurch said...

I'm with Michael M. One of the reasons I switched to WordPress was because of how much you have to hack in Blogger templates. Simple things like sidebar comments are not built into Blogger templates. Plus Blogger is mostly html and java... php is much better, especially for things like comment systems.

It's also run on the server, so you don't have to 'upload' your posts in the same way. Can't believe I stared at that Blogger 'uploading' meter for like a year. And all the times Blogger was down... yuck! Plus WP has sexier templates.

Oh well, didn't mean to turn this into an anti-Blogger thing, just ended up that way. WordPress Forever! :)

taorist said...

I'd like to know why Melly's still with Blogger sespite all the available blogging services out there. I've also switched from blogger to wp, but I still go back to my blogger account once in a while because I like the simplicity of it all.

michaelm said...

I'm with you RedChurch as far as the "meter" goes.
I think I may have gone cross-eyed a few times waiting for it to run its course.
WP has been wonderful, not to mention no word verification and the Akismet spam filter.
Great place to blog...


redchurch said...

I wonder if Mel lost internet access... she's been strangely quiet!

Flood said...

Did you escape? We really need a bouncer for the blog door.