Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Light Stuff

As I've mentioned before, my b-day's coming up, this Friday.
Hubby promised some fun on Friday (I think it's a concert, but I promised not to peek into the visa bill) and I'm very excited.
He also made sure I'll have something appropriate to wear - my family got me a skirt (among other things) - I so wanted a skirt - and sent it earlier.
So what do you think about my skirt???
I think it rocks!

I was in such a good mood that when I reverted back later to my jeans and T-shirt uniform so that we could go out (hubby's parents took us out for my b-day), I was dancing and hubby caught me in the act.

By the way, hubby thinks it's really quirky of me to cut my face off in the photos... He keeps laughing at me, that meany.

Finally, it's been a while since we've had a weekend web game. This one is courtesy of Ballpoint Wren, called City Jumper. Plain fun!

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rdl said...

Love the skirt and thanks for the games. It would be nice to see your face tho. :D if you dare. I've only seen one blogger friends face so far, kinda nice to put a face on the person and she looked different than what I had imagined. Happy Birthday!!, case I forget on Friday.

Melly said...

Thanks rdl :) The skirt looks more than shiny in the picture than what it really is.
And btw, for now, I dare not...

Jennifer said...

Love the skirt! Going to play the game now :D

Melly said...

Jennifer, my highest score was 9 points.
And thanks, I love it too :)

Anonymous said...

That game is twisted! I love it!

And yes, the skirt does rawk! (Is that the 80's pronounciation?)

Thanks for your visit to The Clarity of Night!

Melly said...

Jason, what level? Score?
I can't get past that darned 9.
And thanks (totally 80's).
I've been visiting your blog for the past week or so, but shhhh, don't tell ;)

giggles said...

I love the skirt too. A light tan shirt with sandles and shawl would make a perfect outfit for a warm night and a walk on the beach....

Enjoy your night. Hope the hubby takes you somewhere fantastic. And Happy Birthday!


Jennifer said...

OKay I got to 11. That game is twisted :D

Melly said...

Thanks Chrissie. I don't colour coordinate very well, so the tip was very welcome :)
I hope it's not a walk on the beach, though, but more of a headbanging concert. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Jennifer, if the game's twisted, what does it say about us then???

Patry Francis said...

Gorgeous skirt--and your "uniform" looks a lot like mine.

Melly said...

Thanks Patry :)