Friday, June 02, 2006

Healthy News, One Spacey Item and Good Ecological News for a Change

Canadians Healthier Than Americans -
Add Canadians to the list of foreigners who are healthier than Americans.

Americans are 42 percent more likely than Canadians to have diabetes, 32 percent more likely to have high blood pressure, and 12 percent more likely to have arthritis, Harvard Medical School researchers found.
insured Americans and Canadians had about the same rates of disease. It was the uninsured Americans who made the overall U.S. figures worse, she said.

Robot hand controlled by thought alone
A robotic hand controlled by the power of thought alone has been demonstrated by researchers in Japan.

The robotic hand mimics the movements of a person's real hand, based on real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of their brain activity. It marks another landmark in the advance towards prosthetics and computers that can be operating by thought alone.

Mysterious glowing clouds targeted by NASA
Glowing, silvery blue clouds that have been spreading around the world and brightening mysteriously in recent years will soon be studied in unprecedented detail by a NASA spacecraft.

The Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) mission will be the first satellite dedicated to studying this enigmatic phenomenon. Due to launch in late 2006, it should reveal whether the clouds are caused by global warming, as many scientists believe.

Iraq's marshes showing fast recovery
Re-flooding of Iraq's destroyed Mesopotamian marshes has resulted in what scientists say is a remarkable rate of recovery for its plants, fish and birds.



Nienke said...

Awesome links. Very positive and enlightening stories. Nice for a change - many bloggers like to post very controversial or negative stuff.

Melly said...

Yeah, well, you know, us Canadians and all... what they say about us... nice and all...

redchurch said...

Re: Health news - America has a problem... can't really go into it all as there are entire books on the subject.

But everything in supermarkets here contains bleached (destroyed) flour and corn syrup. There isn't much you can buy that's healthy for you, even if you want to... which is why store chains like Whole Foods have had a 300% growth rate in the last few years.

What our government/FDA won't fix, the market will. :)

But it's ingrained in our culture too. We are the country of hamburgers, french fries, pizza, and all other sorts of junk food. It's no wonder we lead the world in heart disease!

If our ignorance and hubris doesn't kill us, our food will! ;-)

I often wonder if the worlds' problems with us can be solved by just letting us kill ourselves with bad food. Hah!

rdl said...

Ok, I'm movin in with you!

Melly said...

Eric, apparently, according to the research, it's also lack of proper medical insurance in the US where in Canada it's a social benefit, because really, Canada ain't all that different in terms of food.
But I hear you. I get disgusted too. I can probably count on one hand the times I ate McDonalds (not including my starving years at university). And you won't find junk food in my house. It's limited to chocolate. If I have a choice, I too choose healthy, and it's not just because it's healthy but because the non-healthy options don't appeal to me.

rdl, the spare room is ready for you :)