Saturday, April 01, 2006

Much, much lighter science

Cheating on Spouse or Taxes Morally Acceptable for Many

Prayer Does Not Help Heart Bypass Patients

Asleep Or Awake We Retain Memory

Tea: the New Anti-Aging Beverage?

Image of Jesus' crucifixion may be wrong, says study

Scientists show that children think like scientists

Loneliness Kills, Study Shows

Don’t Laugh: Just Think About It

Better Bacon? Swine + Worms = Healthier Pork



rdl said...

Interesting stuff - just my speed. will have to read more after the Science Fair. :D

Trée said...

Glad to see that report on tea since I drink it by the gallon. :-)

Melly said...

rdl, I felt like I had to slow down quite a bit after my previous post :)

Trée, I hope you mean black or green tea. I love green tea too, so that makes me plenty happy.

Trée said...

LMAO, yes, yes tea. I drink black and green, straight up, on the rocks--no sugar. :-D

Melly said...

On the rocks? ;)