Monday, March 13, 2006

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I won't be posting again until Thursday in all likelihood so here's a last post:

The Dan Brown Saga Continues
Dan Brown is apparently "astounded" at the allegations against him. You can read it here.

Agent 007: "As a general rule, writers do. Agents don't."
I don't know if it's true, but Agent 007 believes writers tend to "do" more things in their lives or go through more things. Very interesting. I'm probably not doing it justice so you'd better go read for yourself.

The Sopranos
I've never watched until last night.
I mean, I was familiar with the character vaguely, watching here and there, but never a whole episode. As it is, I liked last night's episode. I found it funny too in parts.
So far my aversion of The Sopranos came from the belief that he and his lifestyle are glorified in the show. Well, I was wrong. They're not. And he is portrayed as the a-hole he is. And boy, that sushi looked good.

Battlestar Galactica
After last week's excellent Xena as a Cylon reporter episode (where at any moment I thought she would start shouting her famous war/battle cry), the latest episode was even better. This show just keeps getting better.
Last week I also happened to watch a small part of Blade Runner again. Guess what, Commander Adama plays a role in there - did you know?

V for Vendetta
I really want to see that one. Natalie Portman looks so hot in that hair cut. I'll probably have to wait till I see it though. Annoying but unavoidable. So for all those about to see it - no spoilers!

A reminder: The Unbinding, the new serial novel by Walter Kirn starts today over at Slate.

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Classic Jef said...

Dan Brown's writing astounds me...I'm suprised it's so successful.

Thought you might enjoy my fake news article on the whole matter...

Dan Brown in Court for Copyrights Breach

Patry Francis said...

Loved Secret Agent's piece, but I think I contradict the rule. I don't do much, but oh the things, I IMAGINE doing.

Anonymous said...

The Sorpranos is a great show. As a writer, you have to appreciate the characters in this show. It is very character driven.

Deborah said...

I don't know if you're watching Season One or Two of BG, so I won't ruin anything. The end of Season 2 occurred on Friday, and it looks like we'll be waiting for the next to start in October. This show keeps getting better and better.

Cavan said...

V looks fantastic - the early reviews are pretty good. And Natalie always looks great.

Melly said...

Thanks Classic Jef.

Patry, sometimes I think I haven't done anything in my life or been through anything, and other times I think I have. It's a bit odd.
But you're right, the imagining part is the main thing.

Fred, maybe I'll start watching it more often now and will get a better feel of what you mean, although I think I've seen it a bit already in that one episode.

Deborah, I'm watching season 2 but we're not at the end yet. I think we're always a week behind. But it's a great show and thanks for not saying anything :)

Really, the early reviews of V are good? That's great.
Cavan, you can put spoilers in your review! :)