Friday, March 03, 2006

Who is it at my door?

To make a long story short...

I was going to tell you how I made pasta two nights ago but one of the ingredients was bad and I had to throw everything out and in the middle of it all an obnoxious sales lady kept knocking on my door. See, my kitchen window is at street level so she knew I was there and wouldn't accept my ignoring her until I finally answered and asked her to leave to her very apparent dismay.

And then I was going to tell you how I made steak-frites last night (that's how we Canadians call steak with french fries). Just as I was about to grill the steaks a few people walked up to the front door, laughing and holding glasses in their hands, and I was ready to direct them to the house with the party they obviously confused me for when the guy behind the door said in reply to my questioning "yes, who are you?" - "It's Jack Layton."

I looked out the door and indeed, it was him. Smiling.
So the leader of the third largest party in Canada, NDP, comes to my door, canvassing.

I was wearing one of hubby's T-shirts that reaches me nearly to my knees, so I opened the door, invited them in (it was miserably cold out and he looked so cute in his took) and then quickly scrambled behind hubby to change shirts.

The whole time I thinking how great it would have been if instead of "It's Jack Layton," I'd heard "It's Brad Pitt."

Who would you want it to be?



Pat Kirby said...

Oh, yeah. This sort of question. Where the erudite and gentrified list people like Jesus, Aristotle, George Washington, etc.

My list is driven by hormones-- Any of the men on my "List." Where the list is the list of people I'm allowed to cheat with if they actually gave me the time of day. Husband has a list too.

Hugh Jackman
Jared Leto
Alan Richman
Viggo Mortenson
George Clooney
John Cusack
Naveen Andrews
Daniel Dae Kim
etc., etc., etc.

I'd never let a politician in my house. It would take months to get rid of the stench.

Jennifer said...

Anyone from the past.

I've always wanted to go back in time. So I figure if I can't go back into History, maybe history can come here?

A flapper form the 1920's

A Worker from 1900s NY City

A Gold Miner from 1850s CA

A princess from the Medieval times

King Indulf During his reign (954-62)

Mary Queen of Scots

...yeah I'd like someone from history to comes knocking on my door.

redchurch said...

Dead: J.R.R. Tolkien, Rod Serling, Alfred Hitchcock, Philip K. Dick

Alive: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Bill Gates, Oprah

Tried to pick people I'd be able to learn something from by talking to them--not just admire/gush over them.

Most of these people could teach me something about business, intellectual property, and entertainment.

I guess you could say mine is a list of biz or I.P. mentors.

Nienke said...

I'd be happy with any writer, published or unpublished, as long as they like tea (or ceasars). But, if I was to go with hormone induced choices:
Aaron Eckhart
Keanu Reeves
Sean Connery
Matthew McConaughey
JD Fortune

Have a great weekend!

Cavan said...

Now, keep in mind when I say this that I'm a pretty staunch NDP supporter.

It might just be me, but every time I see Jack Layton, I think "sleazy used car salesman". Did he say anything like "You're really gonna love our new platform - it's got all the bells and whistles, fully loaded" ??

Oh, excuse me, Jessica Alba's at my door.

melly said...

Pat, I wouldn't mind Viggo Mortenson and George Clooney either come to think of it ;)

Jennifer, oh, c'mon, you're taking all the fun out!
But okay, I guess to each their own fantasies...

Eric, you put me to shame. So intellectual.
I should tell you what I told Jennifer, c'mon! Dare I even say - cop-out? :)

Nienke, I'm coming for a caesar.
Matthew McConaughey - good choice!

Cavan, I wasn't listening to Jack. I was dreaming of Brad.
Jessica Alba - awesome! I was wondering who you young ones liked these days. I was sure it wasn't Jennifer Aniston, but I couldn't tell if anyone actually goes for Lindsay Lohan.
I loved Jessica Alba in Dark Angel.

Jean said...

Hmm. With hubby right there, how would the Brad Pitt scenario have played out? Maybe I don't want to know...

For me, I'd dearly love to have hubby come knocking at my door. That would be so cool (he hasn't been to my house yet, but he will remedy that at the end of the month).

I wouldn't turn down the fictional Sean Connery or Cary Grant. The live ones? I'm not so sure. Clint Eastwood is another one, but hubby reminds me a bit of him, so it's no big deal (and I'm not so sure I'd want the real or fictional version of Clint to show up).

redchurch said...

Melly said:

"I should tell you what I told Jennifer, c'mon! Dare I even say - cop-out?"

Ok, here's the gush list:

Salma Hayek, Eva Mendez, Morena Baccarin... Did I mention I like Latinas? It's why I married a Mexican gal.

Some more: Julianne Moore, Jodie Foster 10+ years ago (I'm mean), Lucy Lui

Guys I admire: Terrence Howard, Adam Sandler, John C. O'Reilly, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jack Black, Paul Giamatti. I guess that's kind of a 'Loser List' based on the typecast for the parts they play, but I really like those guys.

As an aside, I'd like to see some of these guys play more leading roles and buck the Hollywood stereotype. Maybe even in some Philip K. Dick stories as the way his characters are in the novels are definitely not Tom Cruise or Arnold Schwarzy or Harrison Ford. His characters are more along the lines of middle-aging dork hipsters. Perhaps Philip K. Dick author-surrogate. I picture Paul Giamatti or John O'Reilly with a beard.

Hey, that sounds like a post for ya--what actors would play your characters?

Phew, rambled a bit on this one. Sorry. ;)

taorist said...


A doppleganger.

When we touch the whole universe explodes.

melly said...

Jean, LOL, I'm not sure how it would have played out either...
Yeah, I don't know about Sean and Hugh and Clint. Perhap when they were in their twenties. I don't find they aged nicely. Clooney, maybe, but the rest just look olddddd.....
But you are the sweetest. Hubby.

Eric, I'm with you on the 10 years ago. Perhaps I didn't mention, but my Brad is the one from Se7en.
Your guys - they're okay but not strong in the looks department ;)
"what actors would play your characters?" - Cavan posted that one first (that I know) and then I did one too a while back.

Taorist - Kewl!
But why do you wish to explode our universe?

Eric Mutta said...

LOL @ Taorist!

I think I'd start with Voltaire so I can ask him if he laughed at any point while writing Candinde.

Next I'd meet George Bush. Yes - you heard that right! This is so that I can quiz him extensively about what he's up to in India.

Finally, I'd close with Ciara because she'd be impressed with my air-conditioned Harley Davidson bikes...*love bubbles bursting*

Melly said...

Eric - LOL!
Are you back?
So good to see you here :)