Monday, February 27, 2006

Writing News: Dan Brown in Court for Copyrights Breach

Historians accuse Dan Brown of copyrights breach:
'Da Vinci Code' author accused of copyright breach
Historians take Da Vinci Code publishers to court
Dan Brown in court for Da Vinci Code copying case

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D M Brown said...

Dan Brown's been sued for copyright infringement before, but the court ruled in his favor.

The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, who are suing him now, have profited enormously from the Da Vinci Code's reference to their book.

It looks like this lawsuit will result in even more book sales for them. Yesterday they were ranked as high as #13 on's bestseller list.

Jennifer said...

Interesting article bits.

So I write historical fiction. I HAVE tons of reference guides. I'm always collecting new material on any and every history period in time. Whenever I go place I love to get into it's history, it's people.

If writers can't use non-fiction books to write their fiction, then how are we going to have historical fiction.

I know I'm just writing the extreme-farside- of the arguement. But I just am seeing the other side.

Granted, I haven't read Da Vinci Code yet. I actually have it and the first book Angels and Demons (I think that's the title) I do plan to get to them.

So I guess maybe my opinion could change after I read it...but it sounds like those two who wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail are looking for attention.

Melly said...

d m brown - cute. Very cute. Espcially the name and link...

Jennifer, unfortunately I have read Da Vinci. I don't know anything about Holy Blood... but interestingly, one of Brown's characters name is an annagram of one of the authors name of Hold Blood... . This I found to be curious.

Jennifer said...

Interesting. Like I said I have to go read it...either way the whole matter doesn't get me too hyper :D

melly said...

You don't get too hyper about this?
Just kiddin'.

I guess we'll have to wait and find out more of the particulars as they unfold, but you're right, I don't see how taking any scientific or semi-scientific research or theory and implementing it in a novel would be copyright violation.