Monday, February 20, 2006

Small Press Markets

Compliments of Miss Snark's post Avoiding the Dark Side. Miss Snark says these are "very good and legitimate smaller houses:"

  • Ig Publishing - "alternative literary fiction that pushes the envelope in terms of language, sexuality or content," my favourite "highbrow literary fiction" and "political/cultural nonfiction with a liberal/progressive/radical/investigative edge to it. Anything too hot to handle, too controversial--we want it!" - guidelines

  • MacAdam/Cage - "quality fiction and non-fiction" but not genre as far as I could tell - guidelines

  • Akashic Books - guidelines (not accepting now, but have links to other publishers)

  • SoftSkull Press - history, politics/current events, fiction, memoir/biography, music, poetry, art/graphics/comix, gay/lesbian, erotica - guidelines

  • Bleak House - mysteries and literary fiction - guidelines

  • Stonebridge - seems to be a publisher about everything Japan. From anime, non-fiction about Japan and literary books with a Japanese theme - guidelines
Cavan from Blurred Line blog noted another good small-press market especially for SF&F:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I will have to check them out!

Cavan said...

For the SF&F writers out there, especially if you're Canadian, don't forget Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy (also publishers of Tesseract Books).

Melly said...

My pleasure, Fred. Just in case people missed Miss Snark's post. She writes so much... she's great :)

Cavan, I'll have to update the post. Indeed, Edge is a good small press as well. Thanks :)