Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A (not so) New Speculative E-Zine

Maybe all of you already heard of this e-zine, but I only came across it yesterday: Sage of Consciousness.

I'm not sure what attracted me so to this e-zine that it stood out, but perhaps it was the spider picture in the front page, a picture that reminded of another spider from a previous post of mine. (To be honest, I haven't read the stories yet and cannot vouch for the quality but I will.)

According to their site, they are looking now for submissions and I just know many of you will like the theme: Death and the Super Natural: The Afterlife

From their guidelines:
This theme features death and the supernatural events that occur in life. The eerie feeling one gets at the base of ones spine; the glimmers of spirits dancing passed in a cold shadow; the poetry and stories that a close death calls forth from the depths of the writer’s being; and the paintings and photography that forms within and brings all of these elements into a crescendo, burrowing into the bravest heart.

I don't think they pay, perhaps $10 if you are the featured writer/artist. It wasn't clear to me.

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Carter said...

glimmers of spirits dancing passed in a cold shadow

That's something that really turns me off to a market. If they allow typos and misspellings in their guidelines, then how much attention will they pay to the stories? I dunno, it just makes me not want to submit.

Melly said...

Oh, well...
I liked the picture of the spider, okay? :)

Carter said...

A spider's worth a thousand homonyms, maybe? I've never been quite that fond of spiders, myself. ;-)

Melly said...

Carter, you're too funny!
And what's wrong with spiders? Don't tell me you don't host them regularly in your house? :)

Carter said...

2 or 4 legs is all right. 6 is iffy. 8 legs is just downright unnatural. It's all I can do to manage my 2, just thinking about keeping up with 8 gives me the creeps. Besides, they eat flies. Blech!

The ones in my house have learned to stay out of my sight. If I can't see them, they're not really there, right?