Saturday, February 18, 2006

Green Bin Protest

To those of you who don't live in the TO I have to explain Toronto's recycling policies, or rather, the very complicated garbage policy:
  • Garbage Can is only for your regular run-of-the-mill garbage, which is what's left after you made sure you couldn't put it in one of the four other boxes/bins/bags:

  • Grey Box - paper and cardboard and such

  • Blue Box - plastic, cans, glass

  • Garden bag - garden trash, you know, leaves etc.
And now (a few months ago actually) they've added,
  • Green Bin for organics such as food leftovers, fruits and veggies, paper towels, you know, all the kitchen yuckies
It's great, I know.

Well, I've had it!

We have a pick up calendar of what is being picked up when and I also feel like I spend too much time sorting out my garbage. I have two smaller trash cans in the kitchen under the sink, one for the organics, one for not, and they go into their respective bigger trash cans. The problem with organic type garbage is that it leaks, smells and makes a hell of a lot of mess.

I know it's a sound environmental program, but it's just baaah.
I officially had it !

And thanks for listening.

Now excuse me while I go clean and disinfect.



Cavan said...

I wonder if that's coming to Ottawa soon - I mean, it wouldn't affect me since i live in an apartment, but when I lived at home I hated having to deal with all those boxes.

Furthermore, isn't that green bin just going to be a giant magnet for raccoons and stuff?

dog1net said...

When I lived in Florida during the early nineties, I surprised by the sorting that had to be done. When you set your trash by the road, you had newspapers, magazines, and paper in one bin, bottles and cans in another bin, plastics in yet another, and then your regular trash in a can. Taking out the trash each week was never a simple task, but a good half hour or more chore.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but the harder that they make recycling, the less inclined people will be to do it.

Melly said...

Hey, Cavan. Not sure if it's getting anywhere other than TO, and even here it's only in the 416 area not the 905, so it might take a while. Apartements here recycle, but not organics
As for raccoons, it's a good sealed bin, except mine was broken last month when they threw it and then I guess a car hit it. Come spring, I'm definitely gonna have to buy one.

Scot, I know. I try to have everything easy so that it doesn't take me long. But I am very dilligent about it.

Fred, new pic???
My "rich" friends were whining for a while, but even they are now starting to do it. Some places, not TO yet, won't take your gabage unless you receycle properly. I think it is the right move, but I agree they have to figure out a way to make it easier.

Deborah said...

I'm not convinced that this recycling effort does anything but drain more money from our pocket books. Since our garbage company was so kind to give us a small can for our regular garbage, we have to be more conscientious of what we put in our wastebaskets. As for the organic waste, I run what I can through the garbage disposal.

rdl said...

We don't have trash pick-up here; you have to take your trash to the "transfer station" or still known as the dump by some of us. We have to recycle everything ourselves and deposit it in the proper place there: paper, cardboard, bottles and cans and plastics and batteries. you can also leave old books and stuff you dont want in a "mall area" and book shack and a bin for clothes for salvation army. I am totally into it and glad people are doing it, cause it freaks me out the amount of trash we humans generate.Do you know how long it takes a bottle and can to decompose? something like 70-80 years. And if i'm lucky i come away with a good book or treasure.

Melly said...

Deborah, it probably is more expensive (they need different garabage trucks and what not), but I really hope it makes a difference.

rdl, that sounds like an amazing system. I usually put the "mall" things just in the front yard and someone eventually grabs them (usually withing the hour). But it does sound like a real good system, although I'm not sure how happy I'd be to drive with the garbage in the car to the center...

Pat Kirby said...

Pretty much all our recycling is voluntary here. The husband and I do have bins for glass, aluminium cans and plastic. Some vegetable matter gets recycled when I chuck if over the fence for the rabbits and other wildlife.

Of course, in New Mexico, we don't worry much about landfill space as long as it isn't next door. Typical westerner attitude.

This being the wild west, we burn a lot of our weeds and such.

I'm all for recycling, but if the process is made too difficult, it will be difficult to get people to cooperate.

Carter said...

Like rdl. we use "Recycling Centers" here, which are basically a row of dumpsters designated for garbage, metal, "brown goods" (furniture and what-not), "white goods" (appliances, etc.), and yard waste. Works pretty well.

As far as the smell goes, you may want to try a thin layer of kitty litter ever so often. Just make sure it's completely organic, or you might wind up poisoning someone's garden. Baking soda would also work, but would be a lot more expensive.

Melly said...

Pat, I like the way you take care of your food leftovers :)
Two years ago I was in an island where you had to bag everything in clear bags so they could see if you recycled properly, otherwise they wouldn't take it. Yikes.

Carter, that's a fine idea. Thanks :)

Jennifer said...

Ahh It was like that when we lived in Germany. And my parents got VERY into recycling at that point. To this day NOTHING goes in the trash can if it's recycable. We've got the paper bin, the aluminum products, the plastic bin and glass bin.

In my house I INNOCENTLY tossed a milk cap into the trash and my mom flipped out, cause apparently a milk cap is plastic and hence recycable :D

I actually don't mind recycling. And I've been dividing things for so long now it's second nature.

Personally I think we should have laws about recycling our garbage, because so many people DON'T do it. IT's going to come back and haunt us further down the line.


Okay I'm done with my speel (sp).

Melly said...

I actually agree with you Jennifer. I just needed to vent a bit because I had a massive spill of very yucky and smelly organic garbage. Baaaaah. I still shudder when I think of it.