Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fun Sunday - Escapa!
The Could You Have Been A Pilot Test?

Here's a game - Escapa! - that apparently the US Air Force uses for fighter pilots.

It is extremely simple, but it will drive you nuts.

I get the feeling guys will do better at this than women given their eye-hand coordination tends to better on average. (For all those who want to jump my throat - note that I said "on average" meaning there would be guys that suck at this and women that will do extremely well.)

It says that 18 seconds is brilliant.
I heard that 22 seconds is phenomenal.
And the pilots, you ask - they are expected to go for at least 2 minutes.

My best is 11.6 seconds but I have no patience for this, and it's not an excuse :)

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Jennifer said...



I've got good eye-hand coordination though. Always have :D (Now I've got to go for 21 seconds!)

Actually I average about 14.5 seconds. It's easy once you realize the blocks are moving int he same patter. The hard part comes when they start to speed up.

:) Thanks for the fun!

Back to studying now!

Cavan said...

My best after 5 tries is 14.5 seconds. This is a phenomenal way to make oneself frustrated.

Argh! Must. Do. Better.

melly said...

They speed up???
I didn't get there yet. Doubt I ever will. LOL.
Jennifer, you're brilliant :)

Cavan, way better than my 6 seconds after five tries. I know it's frustrating, but for some reason I don't feel the need to play it. Maybe it's too frustrating for me...

Jennifer said...

Oh my this is so bad! Everytime I get tired of studying I keep coming back to this darn game. I'm fascinated with it. Ahh you shouldn't have given me this link :)

Good news my average is up to 20.1 seconds and I reached 21.188 :D

Now if only I can be phenomenal on my test I'll be happy :D

Jonathan M. Dobson said...

Not to brag...ok, yes to brag: first try, 26.88 seconds. Second try 32.45 seconds.

S'alright, someone's gonna' post a better time, guaranteed.

Deborah said...

Okay, I suck at this. 8.607 seconds.

rdl said...

I totally stunk but my 12 yr. old son got 12.3 after just a couple of tries.

rdl said...

then he got 19.4 on his next try; i said he had the video game advantage but he said it was because of football and baseball strategies.

rdl said...

3rd try he got 38 sec. sorry i'm being obnoxious about this, just got in from a few cocktails.

melly said...

Jennifer, you're already phenomenal in my eyes. Are you kidding me? 21???

Jonathan!!! Wow!!!
Okay, you get wings compliments of me :)

Deborah, you and me both. You and be both...

rdl! Brilliant!!! Your kid also gets wings from me :)
Have you ever, or has he ever considered flight school?

Chris Howard said...

Cool! I'm assuming they make it a bit more random for fighter pilots. After you get by the initial blocks closing in on you, you can hang out in the upper left for four or five seconds, and then you have to make your way through another spread, but the motion of the blocks is the same every time. Made it to 21 seconds.


Melly said...

Phenomenal Chris!

kalbzayn said...

51 seconds. I think the key is to chase just behind the blocks instead of letting them chase you. Fun little game.

melly said...

Kalbzayn, you certainly hold the record around these parts :)

kalbzayn said...

Well, I was in the Air Force. I wasn't a pilot, but maybe some of the good pilot mojo rubbed off on me.

melly said...

Close enough Kalbzayn :)