Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Change of Pace: This is Canada

Lately I've been reading too many bloggers complaining or simply telling about snow and snow-storms and cold weather like it's a big deal.

Well, here's a normal Canadian scene I thought I'd share with you:

Withrow Park

This park is a five minutes walk from my house.

Broadview Park

This park is ten minute walk from my house.

You'd notice there's no snow on the ground, due to a remarkably mild winter no one is complaining about. Today we have snow.


Anonymous said...

Wow - they play hockey in Canada? Who would have guessed?

M. Noo

Melly said...

M. Noo, there are many more things I can tell you about Canada that I bet you didn't know. Hockey is just one ;)

Pat Kirby said...

Yesterday we had wind and sun. The day before sun. Before...sun. Before...sun. The bleeping birds are singing--tra-la-la-la--because they think it's Spring.

It's so dry, the air is crunchy.

I have forgotten what snow is.


Jennifer said...

Well I can't complain about our weather--I'm too used to it's craziness, but I sure have fun with it.

I mean we get a blizzard one day and the next it's 50 degrees out. Then two days later we get a cold front with bone chillying winds...where else do you find this but good old New England (okay so maybe it pops up other places too...but when it happends in New England we all shrug and go 'Guess I won't be needing a coat today :)'

I'm jealous, you have TWO rinks within 10 min from your house!

Melly said...

Oh, gosh, Pat. Send us some. Please....

Melly said...

Nyah nyah - 2!
You could have skated a storm here, Jennifer :)
Is the weather always this crazy (as you describe) or is it partiuclary crazy this year?

Jennifer said...

umm...It's always this crazy :) We had a snow storm in April last year and a another in May three years ago (the day I graduated OUTSIDE)

Yeah...crazy crazy crazy :)

Paul Darcy said...

I love Canada and have no desire to live anyplace else.

I could count the ways, but that would take way too much bandwidth.

Weather - I don't usually bother to complain about things which I have very little or no influence over.

Melly said...

Jennifer, this year we've been having crazy weather here too. Yesterday it snowed, today it's raining and sunny and windy. Go figure...

Paul, I know, you always said you like the cold. Well this year I don't mind the winter at all :)