Thursday, December 29, 2005

Politics, New Feature and More On Tracking

I've gone a bit political lately, and was coerced by ariadneK into a shared political blog.

I wanted to keep this blog separate as I'd hate to lose any of you to politics so I didn't mention it so far. However, there is a Canadian election on January 23 and if any of you are interested, I wrote a quick Primer to Canadian Politics in my other blog.

New Feature - Guest Poster
I'm adding a new feature to this blog where I'm inviting guest writers/bloggers or anyone who feel like it to post here. The feature will probably be sporadic at first with the intention of it running once a week eventually.

Since this blog is about All Kinds of Writing, the only guideline for submitting a post is that it can be of any kind of writing and about anything. My preference is for posts not to exceed 500 words. If accepted, I will not edit the post unless I am asked to.

So tomorrow will be the first time I run the feature and will have a guest poster.

More Tracking Submissions
I had some great response to my Tracking Submission post.
Benjamin directed me to a great little program called Sonar that you can download and use for free. In fact, it's more of a database that stores your work, submissions and markets. If you have time to work with it, it's the best thing.
If you don't, that is, if you're a bit lazy like me, you can use the spreadsheet I mentioned.
Here is an example of how it looks:

You can also download the actual spreadsheet Tracking Submissions although I cannot promise how it would work for you.
Oh, and for the real coders out there, don't you make fun of my basic visual basic :)

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ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

MWUHAHAHA...coercion is a powerful force, eh? ;-)

You're posts on thye blog are awesome...I need to get back to it and pick up some slack. The Canada "tutorial" = awesome.


rdl said...

Oh my- 2 blogs! good for you. And the guest poster sounds good too.

Melly said...

See, just your picture and presence here scare me ;)
And thanks, yours are awesome too. If that isn't just great - patting ourselves on the back :)

Melly said...

oh, rdl, I don't write in the "other" blog daily. At most twice a week. We're four, so the load is shared. For me it's more of a fun thing, a place to excercise the grey matter called my brain in healthy debate :)

I'm very excited about the guest poster thing too. Thanks.

ME Strauss said...

Hey Melly,
No wonder you're feeling opinionated lately--writing on a political blog how could you not!
Congratulations on your expanding blogdom!

I think guest writers is a great idea. I know over at Successful blog it's not only helped me, but it's also helped to keep both the blog and my approach fresh and filled with energy.

Good on you!
PS Could you pass some energy this direction? :)

ME Strauss said...

Oh by the way, I quoted your comment to Social Conformity in my submission to Deborah's book.

Melly said...

Hey Liz,
I've been having political discussions for a while in the blogsphere, but never actually posted about them. It's very exciting and weird because it's a shared blog and the other bloggers don't share my point of view, not to mention my writing style. Very entertaining I must say.

It's been a while now that I've been wanting to check out your Successful Blog, how's that working for you?
Anyways, I'm about to post my guest post within the hour if you want to come back and check it out.

And look who's talking about energy, you seem to have the most of us all. But whatever I can do, I promise I will ;)

Oh, and thanks :)

Pat Kirby said...

So organized, wow.

I just use a little notebook to jot down my submissions. I'm usually very electronically oriented, but tracking on paper works better for me. Weird.

Melly said...

And it seems that you're not the only one, Pat. Many said that about tracking on paper.

Andrea said...

I guess I'm a little different than most people. I do most of my writing on paper and transfer it to computer when it's time for editing. I do my tracking online using Sonar. Not sure how many other people do it that way.

Anyways, I like your blog. I look forward to reading more.

Gina said...

I'll have to check the other blog out, I found that I have some very loyal readers who are on the other end of the political sector from myself, but keep coming back. I think the loyal readers would mind a sprinkle of politics every now and then!

Melly said...

Hi Southern, thanks.
Actually, (was it) one or two more people said they write with pen and paper and then transfer it. So you are different but have company :)

Thanks Gina.
I think the key is not to take everything, especially yourself (that is, myself) so seriously.

Happy New Year :)