Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fun Sunday - Kakuro

To all you Sudoku lovers out there I'm sure you've already heard of the Sudoku offshoot - Kakuro.

In case you haven't, let me introduce you:

- Place numbers in the grid, only single digit numbers (1-9)
- The numbers must add up to the marker at the top or to the left
- Each number in a block must be different, so if you have to add up two numbers to 8 - you can only use 1&7, 2&6, 3&5, but not 4&4.
Hint: it is easy to start with cells you know at least the combination. So starting with a 4 is good because it can only be 1&3 for example.

Some places you can play on the net:
- Kakuro Live
- Kakuro San
- And obviously the place I got the puzzle from: Kakuro Puzzle

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kate said...


Cool and pleasant:)

melly said...

Hi Katey Kate :)
Glad you liked it.

Heather Lynne said...

You can also get them in Dell Math and Logic Puzzles magazine. Dell also sells whole magazines of them, but call them Cross Sums.

Rose said...

I love puzzles. This is great.

melly said...

Thanks Heather, I'll take a look.

Glad you like puzzles, Rose.

Anonymous said...

great website,
i also recommend this one - it has the block list in a good spot:

Pat Kirby said...

I'm math impaired and must stick to crosswords, but I'll send the links on to my husband. He'll love 'em.

melly said...

Thanks Anon.

And Pat, say hi to him from me, will you???

The Phoenix said...

Yeah, I heard kakuro is just as if not more addictive than sudoku.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out what a Sudoku is..

Paul Darcy said...

Oh My God!

Not another great, fun, time wasting internet thingy , , ,

Runs Screaming!


Melly said...

Phoenix, it's pretty addictive, but I think I still prefer the Sudoku.

Fred, even BlogExplosion has Sudokus you can play right there, if you ever feel like figuring it out...

Paul, I hear ya :)
It seems that each week I find something else to distract me from my work ;)