Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day Shooting: One Dead, Six Wounded

In one of the busiest areas in downtown Toronto, seven people were shot yesterday, one, a 15-year-old teenage girl, was killed.

On Yonge street, a little north of the Eaton Centre, around Dundas area where Sam the Record Man is and the Hard Rock Cafe and other hip places and stores, an area which is a hangout for teenagers and young people, someone (or more than one) opened gunfire just outside the Foot Locker. Seems to be a gang related crime.

The victims are bystanders who just went shopping. As was the 15-year-old girl.

I don't know what to say.

Gun violence has been plaguing Toronto increasingly the past few years, and while still not at the rate of a large US city, it is worrisome, devastating, frustrating and infuriating.

I cannot imagine what brings a person to care so little about anything in life. To care nothing for himself, others, laws, basic morals, society, family. How can one get to the place where the only solution to any problem is violence? Where honour is worth more than life and freedom?

My thoughts go out to the wounded, the families, and the girl who is no longer with us.

Seven shot on Yonge St.
Teen killed, 6 wounded in Toronto shooting

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Pat Kirby said...

Ah, so the nastiness comes to Canada.

There's a killing of some sort nearly everyday here in Albuquerque.

I don't know about gangs in Canada, but in my neck of the woods, they are composed of young people with little real interests in life. They aren't involved in sports (except as fans), have no hobbies, or real aspirations for the future. There is a warped glory and honor in their violence. (In their minds and in the view of their cohorts.)


rdl said...

What a waste of life, so sad and so horrible.

Melly said...

Sad just about sums it up, Pat and rdl.
This sparked of course a big debate over gun control legistlation, but I believe actions taken when they are taken.
A few weeks ago it was a little boy and now this. It's too much.

Deborah said...

Gangs are such a prevalent problem in my city that my kids can't wear certain colors to school. The requirement to enter a gang is to kill someone for sport. Several months ago, a young mother and her toddler were gunned down after leaving Target.

Melly said...

What? Can't wear certain colors?

Oh, my goodness, a young mother and her toddler? That's horrible.

Deborah, that's horrendous. What can be done though? Tougher laws?

dog1net said...

I just read about this today. Usually it's LA, or New York, or Miami that catches headlines like that, but Toronto? I find it surprising considering that your city had been one of the safest cities to live in.

Melly said...

Scot, in the past few years we're seeing gun violence increasing here in TO. It sparked a huge debate over gun control issues, which at least is a positive thing.
I was hoping you could tell me how these young men become so that they have total disregard for anything but their twisted sense of honour.
I think that TO is still safer compared to other big US cities, but it's becoming less and less so unfortunately.

Deborah said...

I know that California needs some tougher laws, not on gun control but on the punishments for gang-related killings.

Melly said...

Deborah, I'm actually in favour of tough gun control laws in addition to tougher punishments, but mostly I'm in favour of education and social programs, because these are the things that will deal with the root cause and help the future.
Sorry to sound so preachy, but I'm after a long debate with a friend and I'm exhausted :)
I still can't fathom what you tell me about the colors, it's beyond belief.

Deborah said...

So much has changed in the 30 years I've lived in my city, both good and bad. A lot of the problems are caused from a poor family environment and a weak justice system.

I respect your opinion on gun control. However, I'm against it because all that accomplishes is putting restrictions on law-abiding citizens. The criminals know where to get them illegally and do.

Melly said...

Deborah, you have no idea how much I would like to continue discussing the issue with you, but I'd rather not do it here, if you don't mind. I started a series of posts about gun control (I wrote one post, two more to come) in with sticks and stones. If you're interested I'll be more than happy to continue this over there :)

Deborah said...

No problem. :) I'll head on over there after I wake up a bit more.

Melly said...

See ya there :)