Friday, November 18, 2005

This and That - about ten of them

First, it's officially snowing here.

Second, I've discovered that all my hand written stuff I've done in the past ten days or so, after my laptop went caput, for NaNo does not even amount to half of what I thought it would. I still have to transfer a few more pages, but it's disappointing.

Third, my office is freezing despite the furnace working full time. I think I might have to get a heater.

Fourth, I'm missing so many ingredients for tonight's supper yet there's no chance in hell I'm going outside in this weather (and it's only just the beginning).

Fifth, professionalism, professionalism, professionalism! I've queried a certain magazine a month and half ago but heard nothing yet despite them promising in their guidelines a two week reply. I've queried about my query and again have yet to receive an answer. Why is it that only one side of this industry is expected to maintain professional behaviour?

Sixth, as always I have an adjustment period in which I can't write after I travel. Today is the third day. Granted I'm jetlagged, tired and have a cold, but come on! And I have so much to catch up to as well.

Seventh, my forever single best friend is now dating. Shhhh. Don't jinx it.

Eighth, if I read one more depressing blog post I'm going to explode. The winter is definitely here and it's only just beginning. I'm stocking up on tissues. Please don't make me cry too much this winter...

Ninth, it's kind of hard writing when wearing a heavy winter coat. Options? 1) Freeze. 2) Move computer upstairs. 3) Buy a heater - hopefully tonight. For now - it's kind of hard writing with a heavy winter coat on.

Tenth, Cavan is right. If Canadians didn't have winter, what would we complain about?

Eleventh, I wish there were no adverbs in this world. It's so easy to use them, yet sooooo bad. Thank you Carter for reminding me (nicely).

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Deborah said...

I sent my manuscript to two NY agents. The first one shot me a terse rejection within 30 days, and I didn't hear from the second until nearly two years later.

You make me glad that I don't live in Canada, Melly. I'm originally from Colorado, where the winters are bad enough, lol. I hope your heater starts working soon.

As for your handwritten material not amounting to much, you can always add more description or dialogue.

dog1net said...

This is one list I can tape to my refrigerator. Editors today do seem to be fickle as to what they're looking for. What drives me crazy is when they express enthusiasm over your work and ask you to submit, but then never get back with you. It hasn't started snowing here yet, but I'm sure we're not far behind.

Trée said...



Paul Darcy said...

You could always live in Vancouver. It's Canada without the hostile winters.

Me, I love winter time. And there is really no use complaining about the weather. Might as well complain that the sky is blue, air contains oxygen or gravity sucks . . .

And persistence is the only key to writing success. Keep at it Melly, and it will not let you down.

And get a heater - or a cuddly cat.

Melly said...

Two years, Deborah?
Actually, I can beat that. I have one short story I've sent to an anthology in March 2002 (or was it 2003?). Anyways, every six months (a good interval, you must agree) I query them and always get the same reply that my story is among the "finalists" but that they haven't made a decision yet....
I'm still waiting (not really).

About my handwritten stuff. I guess I must have sicker than I thought because I wasn't clear. I meant that it didn't amount to much in terms of word count. It's hard to estimate hand written material.

Melly said...

Scot, precisely my point. When they want something from you it has to be at the exact deadline with the exact specifications, but when it comes time for them to fulfill their part, all of a sudden all professionalism is gone out the window!

Melly said...

Trée, LOL.
Thanks for listening and thanks for the hug. It sure warmed me :)

Melly said...

Paul, I lived in Vancouver for seven (or was it six?) glorious years. I never even minded the rain.
(Although I did mind the lack of hot summers. I longed to wear shorts and a tank top but it's never hot enough there for that. Mild through and through).

And yes, persistence is key although I was talking more on the lack of professionalism on the publishers' part. If they write in the guidelines that they reply within two weeks they should do so or write something else there such as replies within a month. I spend too much energy tracking my submissions and I never ever query before double the amount of time they mention.
Just venting anyways...
Thank you for listening :)

Carter said...

You know I'm with you on the professionalism part. As far as the anthology goes, that sounds like BS to me. If they haven't decided in 3 years, then they never will.

I'll try to send you some weather from the Deep South (US). We had our first frost night before last. Right now it's sunny and inching up toward 60. There's a warm thought for you, anyway.

Melly said...

Urghhh, rub it in, why don't you Carter??? 60???

And yeah, I totally remember you writing something similar to this. At least it's good to know others feel like me and that I'm not the only one...

Pat Kirby said...

In general, I've been well-treated by editors and I respect them. I only like about 5-percent, if that, of the [published] fiction I read, so I don't expect every editor to fall in love with my work.

But...I'm not a fan of the no-sim sub thing. Public confession: I have been known to break that rule and play what I call submission roullette. Given how slim the odds of an editor loving a story enough to purchase it, it really isn't that much of a gamble.

I play this game with markets that have a ridiculously long reply time; I'm sorry; you aren't hanging on to it for a year--exclusively.

So that confession rates what? Six Hail Mary's? A Lord's Prayer?

Mischief made.

Jean said...

Cheer up. You could be in Winnipeg.

Carter's right. We had our first frost night before last. (I'm not certain of his exact location, but I sense he's a three hour drive east of me.)

Hugs. Sorry to hear the handwritten count is falling short of expectations.

I love winter. You can send us some snow down here. Of course, most of us wouldn't know what to do with it.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Melly said...

Your secret's safe with us, Pat. I agree, that sim-sub thing is a complete bull...
I always compare submissions to job applications. People don't apply to one job at a time. Of course it's not exactly the same and the supply and demand issue does give editors more power than in other normal markets, but hye, we take what we can and we do our best, right???

Melly said...

Oh, thanks Jean. I needed that :)

I was trying my best to estimate the handwritten stuff but it was really hard. It did turn out to be a couple of thou, but I have no doubt in mind that had I been typing it would have been at least five times the amount.

And I am feeling a heck of a lot better today. 95% normal, which in my book is just fine!