Friday, November 04, 2005

Aliens and Mafia Blogs

Since many of us are very busy with NaNo these days, and since some of us who don't do NaNo find our blogs lacking in posts lately, then here are a couple quick links:

To all your sci-fi lovers out there Kate created an alien. Well... at least this is what I see when I look at the new Apophysis image she's posted.

And since, as Mama Corleone, I always pay my tribute to Teh Blog Father, here's the latest one: and you're really going to enjoy yourself there, go check it out.
Teh Blog Father



Teh Blogfather said...

You did it, just as you said you would. Thank you with a capital T :-)

PS: the favour has been returned. Your's is now the "Blog of Teh Day"!

ME Strauss said...

I'm not sure what's going on with this Teh Blog Father thing. But I guess it has something to do with you featuring the stamp? Good for you Melly. That's a show of support. Now have Eric create a stamp for your blog. (We know he has so much extra time on his hands. :) )

Anonymous said...

Melly - How is your Nano entry coming along? I am staying afloat but just barely! Let me know how you are doing and good luck to you.

melly said...

Eric, you're welcome :)

Liz, there's nothing going one with the stamp. I was too busy to post and I did want to divert some people's attention to Teh Father, and Eric did create the stamp... so there you have it - LOL

Fred, oh boy.
The first couple of days were good, but then I became quite busy. I'm also away so... Anyways, I figured this would be the case, but I'm still trying.
Good to hear you manage, even if it is "barely." :)

rdl said...

Aren't you nice to keep us entertained and busy in your abscence. Enjoyed both recommendations.

ME Strauss said...

I was thinking about the stamp . . . I put one on my blog too. Do you think it will make property values on our blogs go down or up? (BIG GRIN)

Melly said...

I'm here to serve, rdl :)
Glad to hear you enjoyed them.

Liz, your blog's property value is already amazing. You've done so much and come along so fast in such a short time. You've really done an excellent job.

Now, as for Teh Blogfather, I hear you. Uhhhmmm, and you know what, I'm not quite sure...
No, Eric, we're just kidding.
(LOL, at least I can't stop laughing).

Eric Mutta said...

[Watches quietly and chuckles to himself]

PS: if my world domination plan goes according to...well, plan, then your blogs will be the first to get a slashdotting (look up the term, you'll be pleased ;-)