Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Waiting sucks.
I'm not one for waiting.
And I've been waiting. For a while now. Waiting for today.
Soon I will hear...

When I wait, I act as if I don't.
I pretend there's nothing I'm waiting for, nothing I'm stressed about.
Me? I'm the coolest person in the world, didn't you know? I'm never stressed. I can handle anything and everything.

I put on a such an act, I even fool myself.
But my body isn't fooled and won't let me forget. The stress comes out in small physical manifestations which I will spare you, especially for an early morning post.

My body is kind though, never makes too much of a fuss about it, nothing painful, only annoying little things. Just a reminder, in case I forgot.

That I'm stressed.

That I'm waiting.


Paulo Dromilo Suello said...

yah right.. i just hate waiting

Melly said...

Paulo hi. Thanks for visiting.

The wait is over and as it turns out I had nothing to worry about :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Melly,
What a lovely, ironic poem. Have you read "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss? He has a wonderful description of the Waiting Place. Your poem tied me to it immediately.

Self-deprecating humor is so attractive in any person, especially a writer.


Melly said...

Liz, my goodness, I'm rolling on the floor - "Self-deprecating humor is so attractive in any person, especially a writer."

Actually, I'm not sure why I'm laughing. Maybe the truth...

It wasn't my intention to write a poem. I don't usually read and I never write poetry.
I guess it just came out that way with the short sentences...
Really, I know absolutely nothing about poetry.