Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hodge Podge

Uploaded on September 10, 2005
by chrissy1003

I've mentioned once or twice here that I'm from Toronto, I believe.

While I wasn't born and raised in TO (say T.O.), I've been living here for the past few years and I've come to like the city... well, except in winter maybe when it's -20c (-4F).
If you want to get a taste of Toronto, the photo magazine Spacing Photos features beautiful pictures of the city as only gifted photographers can see.

I found this through Rannie from Photojunkie, a gifted photographer on his own accord.

Rannie's other claim to fame is getting one of the highest scores in Guess-the-Google after he stumbled on the game right here, at yours truly's blog. His name is second on the list of all times high scorers.

The second best scorer (from here) is Josh, and I don't think that anyone else even came close.

I'm also very embarrassed that I forgot to credit Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer for two of the quizzes in my weekend post. RandR wrote a beautiful post today - Tambo Asks: Why Do You Write?, well worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

Toronto is a great city, I was there of the labour day weekend, though it is not my home city, as a transpolanted Canadian Tornoto is often where I enter the country to seek adventure and reCanadianization, a little poutine and pizza pizza.

Melly said...

Being from TO, I always felt that Snow Crash was written about Pizza Pizza, but obviously it wasn't.

I'm so happy to hear people praising TO. It truly is a great cosmopolitan metro.

Jennifer said...

You know...I'm an Army Brat and have been all over but never to Canada. It's actually up there on my places to visit. It'll have to be in multiple trips since there's so many places I want to see.

Melly said...

Canada is huge. I believe it's the second largest country in the world (after Russia) in terms of area, so it would definitely require multiple visits, as you said.

TO probably wouldn't be the best place to start, unless you like an urban setting. I'd start in the Rockies. I think.

Jean said...

Thanks for the compliment on the post. I've wanted to visit Canada all my life and finally got to travel there for a NATO meeting in September 2003. We met in Winnipeg, and I loved it. I'm with you, though, typically, the Rockies would be the place to start. I loved them when I lived in Montana.

ReCanadianization. Great word, Lance.

I'm not familiar with Toronto (TO), but I've heard great things about it.

Melly said...

Well... I wanted to leave a comment on your post, but you said it all you beautifully that I had nothing to add.

I've never been to Winnipeg. Hope it was still normal temps in September because the winter there is just ridiculous.

Cavan said...

I would say nice things about Toronto, but...oh wait, I wouldn't - I'm from Ottawa.

And Pizza Pizza as the basis for Snow Crash? Well, obviously not (staring wistfully at the three empty boxes of Pizza Pizza in my recycle bin that were delivered late, though they were still tasty). But, if I ever see one of the delivery guys driving something akin to Hiro's kickass rocket car, I'll be sure to let you know.

Melly said...

Fine, Cavan. You won't say something nice about TO, but I'll say something nice about Ottawa - it's beautiful and picturesque and is the capital of Canada to those who don't know.

Gosh, I forgot all about Hiro's car. Darn it, someone "borrowed" my copy and never returned it. If I could ever remember who it was... those up-to-no-good book stealers :)

ME Strauss said...

Hey Melly,
I'm putting this here because I know you can delete it and I can't find an email for you.

Your post today says Sunday September 18 on it--It's kind of confusing. Threw me anyway. I know you're working the blog. So I thought you'd want to know.

Also there's nowhere to comment, but it's a great gost. (BIG GRIN)


Melly said...

Thanks Liz, that's very sweet of you.
The date is like that on purpose. I wanted this post to remain on top for a while.
I could have put it in the template, but I'm tinkering so much with the template as it is that I decided to do this.

Bernita said...

That's a great photo.
Just wanted to say hello, as I used to live in To.

Melly said...

Hi back, Bernita :)
I found the photo on flickr. I actually wanted to put a picture of the Scotia Plaza because I used to work there, but the RBC tower close enough.