Tuesday, September 27, 2005

GenX, Health and World Series - Science Stuff

I had no idea my previous post about the Banned Books Week would lead to a discussion of a controversial nature. Being naive, I was certain every author and writer would automatically be against banning. I was wrong.

So to avoid any controversy this time--I hope--here's a few science snippets without any controversy attached to them--I think.

After giving the world Grunge music, my generation - GenX - is about to settle the moon - Generation X-plorers Energized by NASA's New Plans.
"We now have an opportunity for our generation to make our mark on human history," said George Whitesides, Executive Director of the National Space Society, age 31. "Our parents and grandparents took us to the Moon the first time. Now it's time for us to go back to the Moon to stay, and then head straight for Mars."
And I hope they will heed the warnings this time. Don't say that scientist don't warn and predict: Research Indicates Health Effects of Air Pollution Are Underestimated
They found that as the number of fine particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter increased, so, too, did the risk of dying: each jump of 10 micrograms per cubic meter corresponded to a 11 to 17 percent increase in the risk of dying from any cause.
And finally, as the world series approaches, this is just too funny. Go read how Watching World Series Causes Drop In Hospital Visits
During the most popular games (game seven of the ALCS and game four of the World Series) hospital visits were 15 percent lower than expected based on historical data.


Jennifer said...

LOL I read about the World Series and hospital visits this morning and laughed. Are those results really true? Who even funded the research for scuh and experiment :)

All I can say: GO YANKEES :)

Melly said...

I know...
What's interesting though is that the article didn't give reasons, only stated the facts.

The real question should be why that happens, that would be intriguing.

Eric Mutta said...

Melly:>I had no idea my previous post about the Banned Books Week would lead to a discussion of a controversial nature.

LOL, sorry Melly, I know I had a role to play in that. It is a murky one and could wind up spiralling all over the place, so I've personally left it having seen good points from either side.

But that's what I like about this place. It always has something worthy of intelligent debate :-)

Melly said...

Eric, I welcome debate. A good intelligent debate where people are open minded and are willing to listen to each other. Always.

I guess I just wasn't sure how everybody were taking it and as long as everybody's cool with the debate that's fine with me.

And thank you so very much for the kind words and for making it interesting :)

Jennifer said...

MElly, I was wondering that when I read it. It annoyed me and that's why I just passed over the thought. I hate things that don't answer questions and only pose questions especially when they're supposed to be ANSWERING questions :)

Melly said...

Unfortunately most research starts with some statistical phenomena. But now they should definitely inquire why.

Pat Kirby said...

I saw the bit about hospitals/World Series on the TV news. One speculation was that they were so engrossed they didn't want to interrupt their viewing with a hospital visit. (The segment also mentioned another study citing that many people in the emergency room didn't belong there.)

Others speculated that if people were home sitting on their bums, then they really weren't doing anything terribly dangerous.

Hmmm. Moving into outer space means being far away from the in-laws. Sounds like a plan.

Melly said...

I'm coming with then ;)