Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scientist to Write Scripts for Hollywood to Help in a Looming Security Crisis

From The New York Times:
Pentagon's New Goal: Put Science Into Scripts

You might need to register first to read the full article, but here's the gist of it:

A group of 15 scientists from a slew of disciplines are staying in Hollywood and are leaning how to write and sell screenplays. The group is, believe or not, financed by the Air Force and the Army.

Why would the Army and Air Force finance such a project, you might ask?
Well... because -

Fewer and fewer students are pursuing science and engineering. While immigrants are taking up the slack in many areas, defense laboratories and industries generally require American citizenship or permanent residency. So a crisis is looming, unless careers in science and engineering suddenly become hugely popular, said Robert J. Barker, an Air Force program manager who approved the grant. And what better way to get a lot of young people interested in science than by producing movies and television shows that depict scientists in flattering ways?
And to that I say - most of my protagonists are scientists, so can I get a defense contract as well???

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Lee Carlon said...

And of course now they have 15 less scientists doing sciency things

Melly said...

But of course.