Thursday, August 25, 2005

Magic In My Writing Process? or simply - Organizing My Thoughts

I can't believe I did this. Yesterday (Thursday the 25th) I wrote the post you're about to read (or not :), and then instead of publishing it I chose the 'Save as Draft' option. Since I had to run out (a five (5!) hour drive awaited me) I didn't notice. Only now (after a five (5!) hour drive back) I did. So here is Thursday's post (remember that all date references are a day old):

Yesterday I took a break from the computer for a few hours. I needed a change of scenery so that I could organize my thoughts.
I've been working on my novel the past few months now, but I felt like it's lost its direction, or maybe I felt like I lost my direction.
You see, I had such a clear idea in my mind when I first started writing it, but somehow it became a jumbled mess of choppy and disjointed parts. I'm probably too harsh with myself, but regardless it was time for a regroup.

So I went to Ashbridge's Bay Park. It was a beautiful day, something like 28c (I have no clue what it means in Fahrenheit for the Americans out there, but 28 is nice). The sun was out and the lake was blue (polluted blue, but blue nonetheless). I went there with my black hard cover journal, the one I take out only in emergencies.

An hour walk, then an hour sitting at a picnic table writing things down and I felt better, hoping it would get me back on track again.

That was yesterday and then today I read Carter's Good Work Day post about his magical writing process using meditation and tarot cards and I thought to myself, is going to a place where I can feel at peace in order to organize my thoughts (i.e. get inspired) counts as magic?

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Carter said...

Words are magic. Anything that gets them to work for you is magic, too. Relaxation is essential, especially when you're working on a novel. It's too easy to get knotted up and thinking in circles. Taking a day "off" from the computer is a good way to let the knots untangle and get things flowing again. Good luck with the writing!

28C is 82.4F. Google has a handy conversion feature. Just go to the main Google page and type in 28 degrees c in f in the Search box. Really neat.

<brag>I wrote an article about the strange Google features like that for Associate Content. It's at </brag>

Jean said...

Why not?

Melly said...

Nice article, Carter. You can brag here all you want. And thanks for the encouraging words.

(About the conversion. I usually have another site I use for conversions but I'll check out Google. I just didn't feel like converting it for you Americans :) I do think it's cute you're holding on to this very complicated system. In sci-fi, I'm sure you noticed, most authors use metric).

And Jean, if you think 'why not?' then I'm convinced. Magic it is.