Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Do you know those people who leech on to you and suck the life out of you?

You know, those people who refuse to see cause and effect. Those people who won't take responsibility for their own action. Those people who believe the whole world owes them something.

And when those people are around, they're not just with you, they somehow enter your blood circulation and are inside you all the time, inside your mind. You just can't stop thinking about them and not in that great, happy kind of way, but in that 'I wish I never met that person' kind of way, and in that 'why can't that person solve his own problems without involving me each time?' and 'how come that person has all these problems? Can't he see he's the one creating them?'

And so those people sit there for a while, on a vein, sucking the life blood out of you and everyone around.

And it's not like everybody wasn't sympathetic at first, or understanding, or helpful. But it just never ends...

And you sit there, seeing the blood coming out of that vein the leech is sitting on and you just let it happen. You try to resist, you try to push it away. Not a lot, not completely out of your life, but just enough so he won't sit there on that vein. He is family after all. But you can't. And it seems that with each new cycle of 'problems' he masters the art of sucking your blood even more. He now swims in your veins. And you want him out. He's poisoning your blood, the other relationships you have with other family members. Oh, he swims in their blood too. They suffer just as much as you, they're just as poisoned.

So you go away on camping trips where no one can reach you by phone or mail. But then you return and the situation is even worse. You recognize that he actually sits very near the heart of people you care greatly about and pulling him away would tear their heart apart. And you promise yourself, this time I'll take drastic measures and make him see what he does. And you hope.

So you make an action plan. If you could just get him to flow back in the blood stream rather than sit near that heart, you could maybe fish him out later. But one step at a time. First the action plan.

It is now in place. It's going to cost. Blood and sweat (not to mention a great deal of money). But you want, you need, to give everybody their life back, and surely that's worth something.

And you hope.

And then you get a rejection letter to boot.



Anonymous said...

Yes, I do know, and it would be an impossible task to flush that 'leech' out of the life stream of our circle.

As to the rejection letter, don't stop trying. It will happen for you.

Anonymous said...

You wrote this so very well and so very true to the facts. I have had this from time to time in life, isn't it amazing, I think they just want to see who will let him or her suck them in once more, its a skill they learn early to use and with time and gullable folk they emerge and set in to motion perfection, as we sit back and silently scream...why me?

From My Pen said...

Dang it I didn't mean to be an anonymous person, sorry I am still asleep. Thanks for the read. :)

Melly said...

Hey easywriter, thanks for the words of encouragement and discouragement :)

Anonymous/Tobie - thank you so very much. Sounds like I struck a chord with you too.