Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I sat today and tried to carry on with my normal daily routine but found it extremely hard. Everything just seemed so trivial compared to the devastation Katrina left behind:
People have lost everything. Destruction, floods and the future of New Orleans unknown. The despair.
Desperate, people are losing their heads. The looting, the shooting, a prison riot. It's insane.
People are still trapped in attics, on rooftops. Shelters and even hospitals are being evacuated.
Those people who didn't make it.

This is just the beginning. Refugees, rebuilding of cities, highways, streets, homes. No water, electricity, gas. No food. No water. Diseases.

The destruction almost seems unmanageable.

So everything else seems so insignificant.

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Carter said...

Things like this really bring home how fragile our civilization really is. Over the coming weeks and months, we're also going to realize how interdependent we all are. It's frightening and saddening.

Melly said...

And it seems to just be getting more frightening and saddening with each moment that passes.