Thursday, August 11, 2005

In and Out

Just resting in the wonderful USA after camping in the beautiful lakes of Ontario but getting caught in a life threatening storm - no kidding.
Tomorrow I'm continuing my camping trip with hopefully less survivor moments.

I'm grateful to all those who come to visit even when I'm not here and hope to return by the end of next week.


Patry Francis said...

Vacations are wonderful. Enjoy yours and come back refreshed!

Lee Carlon said...

Just hope jeff doesn't make you wear the same clothes for the next 40 days and survive on bugs and rice.

Melly said...

Thanks Patry, I had a great time.

And Lee, while I didn't survive on rice, I did feel like I was wearing the same clothes for 40 days, and while I didn't survive on bugs either, they sure survived on me. I was eaten alive! And the funniest thing - there was no jeff or anyone to tell me to do it - it was my choice. Go figure.