Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Coca-Cola Contest

I've been neglecting the freelance writers out there, I know. So here is something exciting: Coca-Cola Big Idea Contest.

Before you get too enthusiastic, the contest isn't actually sponsored by Coca-Cola. The contest, run by AdCandy, does seek marketing and promotion ideas for Coca-Cola in the hopes of being able to submit the ideas to the big soda company:
We're going to let the creativity fly here. You can submit ANYTHING that you think can improve or extend Coke’s marketing efforts: Concepts, sponsorships, product improvement ideas, marketing ideas, slogans, new product ideas, licensing ideas etc. We've extended the character limit so you submit more developed ideas.

Another contest AdCandy has with a fast approaching September 1st deadline is: The Da Vinci Code Movie Tagline Contest

The site has numerous other contests for those interested in this side of the business. Make sure to read the rules, FAQ and all the legal stuff.

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