Thursday, June 23, 2005

Writers Unionizing and Free Books

  • Writer's Blog tells us how Reality TV Writers [want] To Unionize. What I didn't know was that there are writers for Reality TV. It's my fault - maybe if I ever watched a reality TV show other than American or Canadian Idol, which shamefully I admit I'm addicted to - I would know that.

    Original article in L.A. Times - Reality Show Writers Seek Representation
    Because writers are deeply involved in the dozens of reality shows, union leaders argue, they should get similar pay and benefits as writers on conventional programs.

    "These are issues of justice for these writers," said Daniel Petrie Jr., president of the WGA, West. He described reality TV as a "sweatshop" for writers.
  • And somewhat on the flip side (arguably, but perhaps not), science-fiction novelist and part of the Boing Boing team, Cory Doctorow, has just released his third novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, for free download under a Creative Commons license.
    The whole point of giving away electronic books is to experiment with electronic text and spot where the new opportunities for earning a writer's living lie -- working with my audience, not against them. So with every release, I've tried some experimentation. This book is no exception.

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Anonymous said...

So much for reality shows being real...I am addicted to American and Canadian idol too but have never watched any other "reality shows" either. The writers must be really good though if they can make the drama believable enough to make watchers thin it's on the up and up.

Melly said...

I'm so happy someone else out there is addicted to Idol, but I guess many are given the shows' success.
Thanks easywriter.