Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Categorizing Your Blogger blogspot Blog

Some time had passed after I started blogging before I realized I needed categories. Desperately. Especially for this kind of blog.

To my dismay, I realized that Blogger doesn't support categories unlike other blog services. I thought for a while of switching services, but it seemed too complicated. Then I though of writing something myself seeing that I have been a programmer in my previous life.

But then it hit me. I can't be the only one who wished for categories in Blogger. A quick search directed me to FreshBlog where I found a wonderful How To and a very helpful blogger. The How To lists bookmarklet from Ted Ernst's Humanize the Earth! blog, and voila, I now have categories. It's not as pretty, elegant and direct as I would have wanted it to be, but it's good enough for now and serves another purpose of tagging my posts.

The How To from FreshBlog - How to use del.icio.us for blogger categories

Ted Ernst's bookmarklet - technorati and delicious tagging



John said...

Best of luck with the categories!!

Melly said...

Thanks, and thanks again for all your help.

ted said...


Melly said...

double :)

John said...

A more integrated categories method for browsers using Firefox: I have modified an existing greasemonkey script to output tags that are valid in both technorati and del.icio.us. The new script adds a line to the blogger "create post" form & makes tagging your post very easy!! Check out my post at Freshblog for more.

John said...

Thanks for the visits & the comments!! Much appreciated. Glad the posts are useful. As for technorati, I don't know why they can't see all your inbounds. I know they only index blogs not regular websites, & beyond that my guess is that they only see links from other blogs that have been claimed & are listed on the service? Their help page suggests this but doesn't say it outright. Maybe worth having bloglines citations too?