Friday, May 06, 2005

Vacation Writing

It's hard to write while on vacation. The sun is shining, the sound of the waves is soothing, and the lunch you've just eaten makes you sleepy. Or maybe you're the type who finds himself somewhere in the middle of a hiking trail, hot, tired and loving every minute of it; your muscles are aching and there's still five hours to go and even then you will still have to set up the camp site and cook the food before you could rest. But what a blissful rest. In the middle of nowhere, just you and your spouse, watching the sunset along with the birds and deer.

Regardless if you spend your vacation time in a resort or on a camp site, chances are your mind, surprisingly enough, is teeming with fresh new ideas. The plot of the story you've been writing has just taken on a new twist in your head, or the lack of a proper environmentally friendly soap hits you and you want to explore the subject and write an article about it.

You may or may not be traveling with a laptop, handheld or any of these other gadgets that would make it easier to write while away from home. But even in the most remote place, you can still have a pen and paper and fifteen minutes for yourself to jot down those creative new ideas. You will forget them otherwise. And there is really no need.

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